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7 tips to keep it hot during the cold season

What comes to your mind when you think of wintertime sex? Goosebumps and shivering? Or hot, sensual lovemaking? Hopefully, the latter comes to mind. But if it doesn’t, we’re here to help.

In this article, you’ll find seven spicy tips to boost your sex life this festive season. From navigating sex when staying with family to trying out Christmas-inspired lubes, use these secrets to please your lovers this winter.

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1. Embrace the season with roleplaying

Festive roleplaying might make you cringe at first. But stay with us.

Getting dressed up and slipping into character is a great way to give your sex life a new lease of life – something many couples look for as the days draw shorter and the temperature plummets. Trying out some new positions, storylines, or costumes can give you something to look forward to and allow you to be more creative in the bedroom.

Don’t want to dress up as a sexy elf? No problem. You can still spice up your sex life with some non-seasonal roleplay. And if roleplaying isn’t your thing, why not treat yourself to some new lingerie or underwear? Think of it as an early confidence-boosting Christmas gift. After all, it is the season to indulge.

2. Keep it hot in a busy house

As Christmas draws near, many of us will likely visit family and stay in busy houses. Let’s face it. A house full of relatives is a libido killer, especially if the walls are paper-thin.

Rather than taking sex off the menu, use being quiet as a sexy challenge with your partner. Silent sex is more arousing than you’d think, as you can spend more time watching your partner’s facial expressions and reading their body language. Plus, it has a certain naughty feeling that loud sex doesn’t have.

Other ways to embrace discreet sex include:

  • Try shower sex. Shower sex is less messy, and the sound of the water can cover any escaped moans. Just be careful not to fall over
  • Schedule sex. Select a time when most of the family is out or asleep for your lovemaking session. Of course, you’ll still want to be quiet. But you’ll have more leeway if you do make noise
  • Add extra noise. If you’re scared of making lots of noise, why not add a cover-up sound? For example, music, TV, or a white noise machine can cover up any sounds you don’t want others to hear
  • Skip the bed. While beds are comfortable, they can be loud once you get moving. Try a chair or the floor if you’re still hidden from others
  • Have a pillow nearby. Want to moan? Grab a pillow and be as loud as you want. You could even gag yourself if you’re feeling kinky
  • Choose a quiet sex position. The quietest sex positions are more intimate and more grind-based than thrust-focused. For example, 69, hugging, and lying down doggy

shower sex

3. Stay warm under the sheets

A significant reason couples shy away from sex in the winter is because of the cold. Stripping off in minus temperatures doesn’t excite everyone. However, you can stay warm while baring it all.

Blankets are your best friend in the winter. While many couples prefer to have intercourse on top of the sheets, you should switch things up in the winter and delve under the duvet. Not only will this keep you warmer, but it’ll change up your routine and feel a little extra exciting.

You can also focus on close-contact sex positions, as being skin-to-skin with someone is a proven way to conserve heat. Spooning, cuddling, and missionary are great positions to keep things hot.

4. Give each other gifts

Winter and Christmas are all about giving, so embody the season’s spirit! Whether you decide to make the lovemaking session all about your partner’s needs or give them an actual gift, spend some time planning a sexy surprise to make them scream with pleasure.

From toys to lingerie, there’s a world of adult gifts out there. You can make your partner smile (or blush) by choosing a toy they’ve expressed interest in or by finally acting out one of their fantasies.

Alternatively, you could also buy a winter-themed sex toy, like the Lovehoney X Womanizer Sex Toy Advent Calendar. A varied gift like this is the perfect way to try new things and keep your sex life hot in December.

If you prefer physical gifts, why not go all-in on the foreplay and please them for longer than usual? You can top this partner-focused session off with their favourite position or kinks to ensure they thoroughly enjoy it.

5. Make the most of the dark evenings

The long, dark evenings are one of the worst parts of the winter. It’s time to turn this concept around, though.

Rather than dreading the prolonged night-time, consider it a time to get cosy and kinky while no one’s watching. There’s something about having sex in dark or dim lighting that allows you to unleash your kinky side. So, put on some mood lighting and enjoy the hours of prolonged darkness.

man sitting by a fireplace

6. Do it for your health

We are more likely to get colds and viruses in the winter, but sex might be the surprising cure. Some research shows that frequent sex boosts your immune system, helping your body protect itself against winter bugs.

In addition, more sex can help you beat the winter blues. This is because sexual intercourse increases endorphin and oxytocin levels in your brain, leaving you with a positive mindset and all-round better well-being. Nothing beats a healthy sex life.

7. Try new flavours

Finally, you can use the changing seasons as an excuse to try new sensations.

Dr Hirsch, the author of Scentsational Sex, found that men are 40% more aroused by the scent of pumpkin pie. The runners-up were cinnamon buns and liquorice. For women, lavender and pumpkin pies were also winners. These results aren’t based on guesswork. Dr Hirsch tested penile and vaginal blood flow after a group of test subjects were exposed to the scents.

Why not indulge in your senses? Create your own experiment with seasonal lube flavours. Take turns slowly licking the lubricant off your partner’s body and watch how their body reacts. You’re spoilt for choice from Asda’s “Tingle All The Way” lube to Lovehoney’s Cookie Dough lube.

The takeaway

Hopefully, these seven tips have prepared you for a toasty winter. From giving your partner a scream-inducing gift to embracing sneaky sex, these tips will light up your bedroom this Christmas. Have a jolly time!

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