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What sex workers should do when a client is intoxicated

Do you indulge in a cocktail or two? Or does the scent of alcohol turn your stomach?

Today, we’re looking at whether sex work and alcohol mix and what you can do to avoid intoxicated clients.

Let’s get started!

Why clients showing up intoxicated is a red flag

There are lots of red flag behaviours sex workers and escorts need to be on the lookout for, and intoxication is one of them.

However, this is a topic that divides opinion. While many escorts refuse to see intoxicated clients altogether, some personally don’t mind if their clients have a bit of a buzz.

A drunk or high client is more likely to act out or become aggressive, and they’re also more likely to push your boundaries. Because of this, many escorts state upfront that they only work with clients who arrive sober. No if and buts.

How to avoid intoxicated clients

If you want to make sure you don’t end up with clients who are drunk and aggressive, it’s a good idea to mention the importance of sobriety in your pre-session messages. For example, gently remind potential clients that you only work with people with a clear head or clearly state that you have a no intoxication rule.

Some escorts are happy to allow a few drinks after they get to know a client. So, if they’ve been working with a client for a long-term period, they may enable the client to bring an unopened bottle of wine or have a cocktail at a bar first.

Again, this is a case-by-case decision. You don’t have to allow your clients to drink if you don’t want to. If you have clients who are being pushy about drugs and alcohol, you’re likely not the best fit anyway, so letting them go might be a good idea.

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What about if your profile says “party girl”?

Escorting profiles have their own language, and “party girl” is a crucial phrase that reveals more than the average person would understand.

Typically, party girl refers to acceptance of high clients or even a signal that the escort is up for drugs. So, if you have this in your profile, you’re more likely to attract intoxicated clients. Clients on some forums even expect escorts with “party girl” in their bio to provide drugs.

The safest route is avoiding this label, even if you enjoy dancing late at night.

Another note on drugs: While they’re normalised in some areas of sex work, it’s critical to remember that they’re also illegal. Don’t get in trouble with the law because your client wanted to party!

What to do if your client arrives intoxicated

Dealing with an intoxicated client is an unpleasant experience. But most escorts will have to deal with it at one time or another.

The first thing to do is assess how comfortable you feel. Is it a regular client that’s ever-so-slightly buzzed? Or is this a new client that’s absolutely hammered?

If you’re uncomfortable with the situation, you can refund the client or decline payment and ask them to leave. This will likely be uncomfortable but remind them that you have a no drinks or drugs policy and can work with them while they’re sober.

Intoxication and consent

It’s critical to remember that you can’t give reliable consent if you’re intoxicated. So, even if your client seems 100% up for it, they might not actually be into it.

This is a significant problem if you pick up clients in bars or meet a first-time client. It’s easy for some people to explore sex work while drunk, but they might turn around and change their minds in the light of day.

Focusing on sober clients is often the safest way forward to avoid mishaps and protect yourself.

Should you drink with your client?

Once you’ve got to know a long-term client, you might be tempted to share a drink with them – especially if you’re spending time at a restaurant or bar beforehand.

It is often okay to indulge in a cocktail or two. However, before you get started, make some rules for yourself. This might not sound so fun, but escorting is a business, and you need to be in good form to do good work!

Potential rules to set include:

  • Only two drinks per evening
  • A glass of water between each drink
  • No drinks once you’re in the hotel room/bedroom
  • Only unopened bottles of wine in the room
  • No drinks at all

Like most things in life, there’s no one right way to set rules. Reading about other sex worker’s experiences is a great way to gain more perspective, though.

Why should you avoid drinking with clients?

Have you shared a few drinks with a client before? Likely, everything went okay. So, you might be wondering why drinking with a client is such a bad thing.

While it’s very unlikely that alcohol will make a client instantly aggressive or pushy, it’s more likely than when they’re sober. Unfortunately, there are also many tales of sex workers being robbed, assaulted, or spiked when drinking or partying with clients.

Refraining from drinking is the best way to avoid these unpleasant situations.

Unsafe sex, STIs, and pregnancy are also much more likely after a couple of drinks. So, keep your sexual health safe by avoiding those cocktails.

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Tips for staying safe as an escort

If you know you don’t want to be dealing with intoxicated clients, there are some tips you can follow to ensure you have satisfying and safe client sessions:

  • Have a no-intoxication note on your profile
  • Remind your clients that your sessions are not a drug/alcohol-friendly zone
  • Turn any intoxicated clients away as soon as possible
  • Avoid picking clients up in establishments that sell alcohol
  • Watch your drinks at all times, or don’t let clients buy you drinks
  • Don’t let clients push your boundaries

The takeaway

Though some people associate alcohol, drugs, and sex work, many escorts actually refuse intoxicated clients. Hopefully, this article has helped you understand why and how to avoid drunk clients in the future.

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