How to stay under the radar as an escort

Though sex work is becoming a mainstream discussion, it’s still crucial for escorts to stay discreet while working. Choosing where you meet clients is a big decision. From in-calls to out-calls, many sex workers try to keep their business under wraps, especially in public.

This article looks at tips from real sex workers and the importance of being discreet. Whether for safety or because you prefer to be out of the public eye, keep reading to learn how to stay under the radar while meeting clients as an escort.

Why should an escort be discreet?

If sex work is real work, why should you be discreet?

It’s a valid question that needs to be asked more often. While escorting and sex work is slowly becoming a well-discussed topic, it’s still not stigma-free. Many misconceptions and stereotypes surround this career, which leave escorts vulnerable to verbal and physical abuse. Because of this, many try to be as inconspicuous as possible when in public.

Additionally, if working in hotels, escorts should consider being as discreet as possible in order to avoid losing business. While many housekeeping teams don’t care what goes on behind closed doors, some do. This could lead to being banned from hotels, thus making your life harder when booking hotel in-calls.

In-calls vs out-calls

Before continuing the tips, we’ll quickly define some must-know escorting lingo.

In-calls are when the client comes to you. This could be your home, a hotel, or a secondary apartment you rent or timeshare with other escorts. An outcall is where you go to the client’s location.

You can charge extra for whatever service you least prefer as an incentive for your clients to pick the other. Research shows that 2/3rds of clients prefer in-calls.

What is freestyling?

Freestyling describes picking up clients in person without a previous booking. This is best done by looking gorgeous and professional and by hanging out in nice bars or casinos. However, it’s not the most popular option now the internet has taken over.

How to stay under the radar as an escort

Whether you’re new to the industry or refreshing your practice, use the tips below to add extra security to your client bookings. All suggestions are taken from genuine sex workers’ experiences.

Rotate spots

Hotels are the most common in-call option for escorts, but you shouldn’t pick one and use it for every booking. This is the best way to stick out like a sore thumb. Instead, select four to five hotels and cycle through them to avoid becoming a repeat guest.

Similarly, if you’re freestyling in bars, don’t hang around the same one. Visit a range of different places to avoid being a regular. Bars are more likely to ask you to leave than hotels, but you don’t want to take the risk with either.

Create a story

If you’re worried about staff getting suspicious about your frequent hotel bookings, you might want to prepare a fake story to tell the hotel desk. It’s very rare that they’d ask, but having a prepared tale can make checking in less nerve-wracking.

Choose larger hotels

Larger hotels are always better than small hotels for escorting. A big hotel has a higher turnover of guests, making it harder to spot different people coming in and out. In contrast, it’s easy to spot guests coming in and out of the lobby in a smaller hotel.

Call the hotel beforehand

Though it sounds counterintuitive, calling the hotel beforehand can help you determine whether it’s right for your business. For example, some escorts call ahead to ask whether elevators require a keycard or if you can get to the hotel room without having to deal with the check-in desk.

You don’t want your client to visit the desk and ask for a key. This might result in the staff revealing your legal name, which can lead to security concerns. Instead, you want your client to slip past the front desk and to the room without fuss.

Ask your network about their experiences

If you don’t want to call the hotel or visit beforehand, ask your other local sex workers which hotels they prefer. You’ll need a network of local professionals for this step, but if you don’t, forums like r/SexWorkers can be helpful.

Look professional

An escort wouldn’t turn up to a hotel in lingerie, but you should maintain a professional or even plain appearance to avoid attention. The best route here is to avoid any eye-catching styles or sultry looks.

Consider tipping housekeeping

Housekeeping teams rarely care what you’re doing in your room. However, tipping them generously will keep them on your side after a particularly loud romp or if your client has been obvious about the arrangement.

Clear up before you leave

Finally, when the client session ends, it’s time to clean up. You’ll want to leave the room without any hints or mess. Some escorts go as far as to dispose of condoms outside of the hotel, but this is up to your discretion. If you don’t want to transport the condoms with you, wrap them up in toilet paper to keep them covered in the bin.

How to tackle stigma and misconceptions surrounding sex work

Sadly, there are still lots of misconceptions about being a sex worker. But by staying discreet and knowing how to practise self-care, you can protect your mental and physical health from the negative stigma.

Other ways to challenge misconceptions include:

  • Educating the people around you
  • Speaking up for sex worker rights
  • Demanding sex worker media representation
  • Work with local sex work charities
  • Boost sex-positive media

If you’re interested in making a change, learn more about local activism or sex worker charities in your country. When we work together, we can make changes.

The takeaway

Keeping yourself protected while working ensures the safety and stability of your career. Hopefully, these insider tips have helped you learn more about the industry and how to organise your next booking. Send this article to your network to ensure they have the latest tips and tricks.

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