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What to expect during your first time working as an escort

The first day at any job can be nerve-racking. But going in with the lowdown on what to expect and what to do can reduce anxiety and make the overall experience much more fulfilling. 

If you’ve already decided to work as an escort but haven’t met any clients yet, you might be feeling a little nervous about your first gig. This is completely normal. However, you don’t have to turn up without an idea of what to expect.

Today, we’re focusing on what to expect on your first job and we’ve gathered the top tips and tricks to stay safe and impress your client while you’re there. 

Keep reading to find out more. 

What is escort work?

Escort work can be defined as providing companionship to clients for a set fee or hourly price. 

The actual role of an escort can differ depending on bookings, but it typically covers spending time with clients (such as attending restaurants or getting coffee) or offering personal services (such as intimate cuddling or sexual services). 

How is escort work different from sex work?

Though escort work can cover sexual services, it doesn’t strictly mean sex work. 

For example, some escorts accompany clients to events or keep them company while at dinners. Some escorts even provide cuddling sessions, giving non-sexual physical touch to clients who want a more intimate connection.

Escort services can tip into sex work, where an escort will provide companionship and sexual services. Not all escorts provide this and don’t have to. However, it’s a common inclusion for many escorts. 

Ensure you’re clear about the services on offer before you meet up with your client. This can avoid confusion or frustration during your session.

Essential things to consider before becoming an escort

Like any job, you should consider the pros and cons before booking your first escort job. These are the top points you should think about if you’re interested in becoming an escort:

  • Many clients will expect sexual services. Even if you’re offering companionship, you might encounter clients that try to push your boundaries.
  • Legal considerations. Escorting isn’t legal everywhere. Before you start you should investigate your local laws and rules in order to best protect yourself.
  • Mental and emotional well-being. Working closely with others can be mentally taxing, so you’ll need to ensure you have strong mental health self-care practices before starting. 
  • Financial considerations. What will your rates be? Do you have a budget you need to account for?
  • Escorting isn’t only about client meetings. A lot of your time will be spent marketing yourself online, on social media, and through networking. 
  • Your health. As an escort, you’ll also need to dedicate time to getting regular STI checks and educating clients on safe sex. 

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How to mentally and emotionally prepare for escort work

When preparing for your first day as an escort, don’t skip mental and emotional preparations. This job can take a toll on you physically and mentally, so preparing well is essential to your health and success in the profession.

  1. Get educated on the benefits, risks, and legalities of escorting. This will help you understand the working climate.
  2. Make your personal boundaries clear. Boundaries protect you and the client from harm, so don’t overlook them.
  3. Outline your self-care and coping strategies. Having relaxation techniques can help you after a stressful day.
  4. Connect with a support system. Whether you reach out to trustworthy friends or other escorts, chatting with overs can help you prepare emotionally for the job. 
  5. Learn how to be assertive. Clients might try to push your boundaries – knowing how to stay strong will help you in the future. 
  6. Be organised. Admin might not seem important, but keeping your invoices and appointments in order will save you from future stress.

Top tips for setting boundaries and expectations with clients

Boundaries are vital to escorting. These rules keep you protected, and they’re also helpful when managing client expectations.

To set clear boundaries, you need to be transparent from the get-go. For example, communicate openly about what you will and won’t do from the start of client interactions. This way, you can see if your values align and no one wastes their time. 

Be consistent with your boundaries. If you’re firm in your expectations, clients will be less likely to push you or ask for more. This creates mutual respect and a better professional relationship. 

Use direct language. Asserting boundaries feels awkward, especially when you’re doing it for the first time. However, clear and direct language is the best way to go. That’s right — no euphemisms allowed.

Be ready for negotiations. Clients might try to negotiate, so set a comfort zone which you will and won’t pass. If their requests leave this zone, be ready to tell them no. 

Safety measures all escorts should know

Knowing relevant safety measures is crucial, so don’t start your first day without them. Here are the top safety tips all escorts should know:

  • Trust your instincts
  • Buy a personal alarm
  • Opt to first meet in places with other people or CCTV
  • Have a “safety plan” ready (i.e. call a trusted friend)
  • Tell your loved ones when you have an appointment

Ensuring clients have a positive experience

Pleasing your client and getting good reviews is central to life as an escort. While you want to have a good time, you also need to think about their feelings, too.

Be upfront and ask about their desires. This way, you can work towards fulfilling their fantasies and ensuring they have a memorable experience. 

Escorts should also regularly check in with clients. Frequent communication helps you understand whether they’re enjoying the experience, and it’ll also open up space for them to tell you about their wants and needs. 

Always check for consent. Both parties should provide enthusiastic consent, and without this, no sexual or intimate acts should take place. 

How to maintain a positive attitude as an escort

Staying positive at work is a challenge in all industries, including for escorts and sex workers. It can be especially tough to stay positive as an escort due to negative stigma and stereotypes. However, there are some tips to ensure you have a fulfilling career:

  • Focus on the benefits of your job, such as the ability to set your own schedule. 
  • Use your boundaries to remove unwanted clients. If you don’t like them, you don’t have to see them! Bye-bye, bad clients.
  • Commit to a self-care routine. Looking after yourself is vital in all jobs, so don’t neglect your physical and emotional needs.
  • Set future goals to work towards. 
  • Connect with other escorts and bond over your shared profession.

Why you should develop a unique brand as an escort

Not many people realise it, but business marketing and personal branding is a large aspect of working as an escort. 

Creating a personal brand that outlines your niche, services, and price points will help you attract your ideal clients to you. Many escorts use websites and social media accounts to build trust and establish a reputation with clients, thus allowing them to make bookings and find repeat clients. 

You can even generate a logo, fake name, and services list to provide an ultra-professional experience. Remember, the client interaction starts before you meet in real life.

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Building an escort support system

A support system is a network of trustworthy people or other escorts that can offer practical advice and emotional support. 

Meeting other escorts is easy thanks to the internet. Forums and communities allow easy access to like-minded people where you can discuss work, issues, and shared interests. A popular place to chat with other escorts and sex workers is r/SexWorkers.

Alternatively, you can also build a local community for in-person connections. Charities or non-profit organisations in your area are great resources for finding close-by escorts. You could also connect with local escorts online and see if they’d want to meet for an in-person support group. Don’t be too pushy, though. Respect other escorts’ boundaries. 

The takeaway

Whether you’re getting ready for your first meeting or looking for some extra tips on how to stay safe as an escort, we hope this blog has refreshed your toolbox with some new information. Always remember to use consent and regularly check in with your client to ensure a fulfilling service and a safe experience for you.

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