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Common misconceptions about hiring an escort

Taboo subjects are often surrounded by myths and misconceptions. In a society that shies away from talking about sex work, it’s no surprise that we don’t know the truth about escort services. However, this can be damaging for escorts and their clients, as rumours and negative stereotypes are harmful. 

Today, we’re looking at the most common misconceptions about hiring an escort to help you learn the truth. We’ll explain the typical myths and provide strategies to help you learn more about the industry.

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Some of the common misconceptions about hiring an escort

Hiring an escort is something that no one speaks about. But it’s constantly happening and talking about it is super important. 

Some of the most common misconceptions include that all escorts are forced into the industry, hiring an escort is illegal, or that all clients are abusive or dangerous. These simply aren’t true in the UK. Hiring an escort in the UK is legal, and most client bookings go without any issues. 

Other myths include that sex work is easy money, that sex workers are uneducated or have no other options, or that sex workers have substance abuse issues. Again, these are false ideas, and most escorts choose to be in their profession and work very hard for their success.

Other common escort misconceptions include:

  • Hiring an escort is a sign of immorality or weakness
  • All escorts are women and all clients are men
  • Sex workers don’t have personal relationships outside of work
  • Escorts will do anything
  • All escorts are damaged or have low self-esteem
  • Sex workers are sexually promiscuous 
  • Clients are only interested in looks, not intelligence or personality
  • Sex workers choose the industry due to drug dependence
  • Escorts have a history of trauma or abuse
  • Sex work leads to criminal activity
  • All escorts have STIs
  • Clients can’t find partners or have successful relationships
  • All sex work is morally bankrupt
  • Escorts can’t find other work

Likely, you’ve heard some of these false ideas before. Each sex worker and client are different, and it’s crucial to change the negative stereotypes surrounding this industry. 

Why having accurate information about the sex industry is important

Striving for accurate sex industry information changes perceptions of escorts and clients, which leads to a better quality of life for both parties. 

Real information helps to promote health and safety services, removes stigma, and provides more access to social services for escorts. It also helps to inform policymaking, which champions the rights of sex workers and their labour laws. 

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Are all escorts forced or coerced into the industry?

Many believe that escorts are either coerced or forced into the industry. However, for the overwhelming majority of escorts, this simply isn’t true. 

Escorts are often drawn to the industry because they enjoy the work, want to set their own hours or want the financial rewards. Of course, no two escorts have the exact same job and some will run their businesses differently. However, for many, it’s a very free and fulfilling job that beats some of the more traditional career paths. 

Is hiring an escort illegal? What are the laws around escorting?

Understanding UK laws surrounding escorting can be challenging, especially when there’s no mainstream information available. 

In the UK, working as an escort is completely legal. It’s also legal to pay for escort services when your chosen escort is working out of their own free will. 

Some escort services are illegal, though. These include:

  • Pimping/prostituting others. This includes arranging client meetings for another, advertising their services, and taking a piece of their earnings
  • Owning/running a brothel. Managing or owning a brothel is illegal in the UK
  • Soliciting others for sex work. This includes loitering or approaching potential clients in a public place

Learn more from the English Collective of Prostitutes.

Are all clients abusive and dangerous? 

It’s easy to assume all clients are dangerous and abusive, as there are some risks associated with escorting and the sex industry. However, for most clients, this couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Most clients seek a unique sexual experience, emotional companionship, or a long-term connection without the strings of a traditional relationship. These clients respect escorts and want a positive experience. 

Also, escorts can set boundaries and break up with clients that aren’t respectful. This empowerment allows them to avoid any dangerous or abusive clients. 

It’s important to note that not all escorts have the same experiences and sometimes accidents do happen. But this is rare and spreading this information contributes to discrimination sex workers face.

How do you screen clients for safety?

One way escorts can stay ahead of any issues is by screening their clients before making a booking.

This includes conducting background checks, asking for ID and social media information, and taking general checks to ensure the potential client is who they say they are. This protects sex workers from clients that want to harm them and helps them find any red flags before making the booking. 

UK escorts can also use the ClientEye app or NUM database to run email and number checks for previous incidents or criminal backgrounds. 

Is sex work easy money?

Another standard misconception about escorting is that sex work is easy money. This myth couldn’t be any further from the truth. Sex workers pull long hours and experience physical and emotional tolls to keep their businesses thriving. 

For example, alongside providing client services, sex workers need to create business plans, set their rates, market their services, and complete business administration. A company usually employs a whole team of people to complete these services, but escorts usually do it alone – which is extra impressive. 

As escorting often includes physical acts, it can be more demanding on sex workers’ bodies. To combat these tolls, eating well, sleeping enough, and committing to regular exercise are essential. Body-based self-care is a must for all escorts, and this also includes regular STI testing. 

However, this job can also affect an escort’s mental health. Sex workers are more likely to experience career-based stigma and they face less access to services, which can quickly take its toll mentally. Working with sex-positive therapists and creating personal self-care plans can combat these issues.

Are sex workers uneducated and have no other options?

Since many assume that sex work is easy money, they also tend to believe sex workers lack other skills, too.

A simple peep into a sex worker forum instantly proves this wrong. Sex workers choose the industry not because they don’t have any other choices, but because they want to. They enjoy the work and have the intelligence to make the industry work for them.

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How to challenge sex work stereotypes and seek accurate information about the sex industry

Making a conscious effort to learn about false stereotypes is the best place to start when learning about the sex industry. Finding the truth always starts with weeding out the lies.

To improve your knowledge of the escorting world, start researching online. Many sex workers frequently provide honest answers and first-person information to help clients and interested individuals learn more. 

You can also find sex-positive media or sex worker-focused organisations, as these provide educational and entertaining information about the truth of escorting. 

We recommend exploring Beyond the Streets, POW Nottingham, and the English Collective of Prostitutes to learn more. You can also search sex worker forums for UK-based information for first-person information, too.

Why are consent and safety essential in the sex industry?

Consent and safety are two key pillars of the sex industry, as these protect both the escort and the client and lead to a positive overall experience. 

Consent is always a must in sex work, and nothing should happen without enthusiastic consent. A conversation about expectations, consent, and boundaries needs to happen before making a booking or engaging in sex, every time. 

Safety is also a must in the sex industry, and this involves appropriate sex education, protective measures, and regular STI testing.

Both factors are essential to keep everyone safe and to ensure a sexy experience. Without these, abuse and harm are more likely, which is unacceptable. 

The takeaway

The sex industry is still a mystery to many, and unfortunately, rumours and myths continue to spread. However, we’re on a mission to change these untrue misconceptions. Our blog provides real sex industry advice and information to help our audience learn the truth. Explore more online here.

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