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Should escorts see married clients?

Did the title catch your eye? Seeing married clients is a hot topic. Some vow never to touch a married client, whereas others are happy to turn a blind eye to their client’s personal life.

In this article, we’re diving into this controversial topic to help you decide for yourself.

Let’s go!

The age-old question: Should escorts see married clients?

As an escort, you’ll see hundreds of diverse clients. From young to old and kinky to vanilla, there are many clients out there waiting for you. But one category of clients always divides opinion: the married ones.

Many married people secretly see sex workers behind their spouse’s back. While it’s unpleasant for the spouse, it happens more than you’d think and often goes unnoticed.

Some sex workers are happy to work with married clients, and some see it as helping the marriage. If the client’s relationship lacks intimacy, the booking might be a purely physical experience to help them scratch an itch.

On the other hand, some sex workers choose not to work with married men as it goes against their ethical boundaries. For example, if you wouldn’t want your partner seeing sex workers without you knowing, you shouldn’t see clients in relationships.

Most married clients are surprisingly happy to admit they’re in a relationship. Putting the details on the table lets you know that the services need to be very discreet. However, it’s critical to note that some clients won’t disclose their marital status. So, no matter which questions you ask, you’ll never really know if you’re seeing a married client or not.

Ultimately, the choice is yours and yours alone. But before you accept or reject a married client, consider the reasons they’re looking for escort services and the pros and cons of working with them. After all, you need the full picture before you decide to take the plunge!

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Reasons married clients might see escorts

There are plenty of reasons married clients seek escort services outside of their marriage. Here are some of the most common reasons married people book sex work services:

Dead bedrooms

Dead bedroom is a term that refers to a couple that hasn’t had sex in months or even years. A lack of intimacy is one of the most common reasons clients seek companionship and intercourse with escorts. For some, this is a purely physical need to break a dry spell. But for others, the sex worker meets emotional needs, too.

To relive their youth

As some people age, they might suddenly regret that they didn’t experience enough events (or people) in their youth. This might lead them to book with escorts to fulfil these regrets and desires.

Sometimes, retirement or significant life transitions can prompt these behaviours. It’s more common than you’d expect for people to have midlife crises and seek an escort for company.

Practise their skills

It might seem strange or like a weak excuse, but some clients might reach out to escorts to practise their skills or learn new tricks. Escorts are great teachers and experienced at giving clients new experiences. So, don’t be surprised if a client asks for advice or feedback halfway through a session!

Unfulfilled fantasies

Another common reason married clients see escorts is because of a niche fantasy. Perhaps their spouse has rejected the kink. Or maybe they’re too embarrassed to share the details or their fantasy. They could have even discovered the fantasy later in life and wanted a non-judgemental space to explore.

Seeing an escort is one of the best ways to explore kinks and fetishes, so it’s not surprising that many married clients want to book a no-strings-attached session to try out their secret desires.

Communication issues

The married client might be having difficulty communicating their needs at home. Similarly, there might be an emotional disconnect between them and their partner. Whether caused by a disagreement or work stress, this might make them seek companionship outside of the marital bed.

Compulsive behaviour

In rare cases, a married client seeing escorts may stem from compulsive behaviours or addictions. This is especially difficult if they want to be faithful to their partner but can’t stop seeing escorts. Professional help is usually required to address this pattern.


Many profound and emotional reasons cause clients to see escorts. But this isn’t always the case. Sometimes, curiosity is enough to push a married client into a booking. Who doesn’t want more excitement or variety in their love life?


Finally, some married clients might book sex work services as a form of retaliation or revenge for their spouse. This might be due to their spouse cheating or upsetting them. This is very rare, and most escorts refuse this type of booking (if the client discloses the reason).

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Married clients: The pros and cons

Choosing whether or not to accept married clients is a personal decision. Here are the benefits and disadvantages of seeing married clients to know before you get started:


  • Married clients can provide a steady income
  • You can have new experiences and try new kinks
  • In some cases, working with a married client can save their relationship (i.e. if they need to scratch a physical itch)
  • You can provide satisfying sex for someone
  • Some will pay more for extra discretion
  • Fewer chances of the client becoming clingy


  • Some clients might be selfish lovers (especially if they have dead bedrooms)
  • You run the risk of getting caught in the crossfire if a partner finds out
  • Seeing married clients can give some escorts anxiety
  • If a married client is going through a rough time, they might be unpleasant to deal with
  • Judgement from non-sex workers

The takeaway

As a service provider, you don’t need to get emotionally involved with your client’s personal life, especially if you want to provide a professional experience. But if a client reveals their relationship to you, you’ll need to make a decision.

At the end of the day, clients are clients. There are multiple reasons for and against working with married clients, so take time to read through them and consider your gut feeling.

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