romance and escorting, an escort and a client engaged in a romantic setting, emphasising consent and professionalism

Romance and escorting: Can they go together?

Romance is a great way to spice up your sex life. But have you considered adding some romance to your escorting services?

Before we continue, we understand that the last thing most sex workers want is for their clients to fall in love with them. We agree – and that’s not what this article is about. Today, we’re looking at whether you can add some extra romance or sensual vibes to your escorting sessions to improve client experiences and have some extra fun.

From ways to boost the mood to navigating awkward situations, this guide is here to help you elevate your services and spread the love.

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Why should you mix romance and escorting?

Again, before we dive in, we’re not talking about making clients fall in love with you. We want them to fall in love with your services – no clingy clients here!

Romance is a great way to heighten intimate experiences. While some clients want the porn star experience, a more sensual session is best for others. Think gentle touches, smooth music, and dim lights. A romantic atmosphere often helps the client relax into the session, improving your bond and overall satisfaction.

Of course, romance isn’t for all escorts. If your niche is BDSM, adding extra romance might not be the best route. However, it’s something to consider, especially if you want to refresh your services or style.

an escort and a client engaged in a romantic setting, emphasising consent and professionalism

How romance can benefit your clients

Romance isn’t just something humans have made up. Studies have proven that romance has tangible effects on our lives.

Here are some of the top ways romance can benefit you and your clients:

  • It lowers your blood pressure – Romance is the opposite of stress. It helps you calm down and physically relax your body
  • Stronger immune response – Another benefit of romance is a stronger immune system. This is also thanks to its stress-reducing effects
  • Better physical fitness – Some research suggests romantic connections inspire us to stay fit. The more romance you experience, the better you’ll eat, and the more often you’ll want to work out. Talk about motivation
  • Less anxiety – A romantic connection can make you feel more positive about life. Great if you want to give clients a mental health boost.
  • Quicker healing – Yes, romance helps you heal faster! Ohio State University found that those who experience more romance heal quicker than those who don’t

If these general benefits haven’t inspired you to experiment with romance, maybe these sex work-specific ones will.

If you include romance in your escorting sessions, you can unlock:

  • More loyal clients – A client who feels cared for is more likely to come back
  • Fulfilling sessions – You’re likely to enjoy work more when it has some romance
  • Secure income – Clients who keep coming back generate stable income for you
  • Great word-of-mouth reviews – If a client leaves feeling satisfied, they’re more likely to spread the word
  • The chance to get creative – Trying out different romantic positions, role plays, and outfits is exciting. Explore until you find something that fits you best

5 tips for providing romantic escort services

So, you’re interested in a little romance? Here are 5 ways you can indulge with your clients:

1. Set the mood

One of the best ways to experiment with romance is to physically edit the mood. This could involve dimming the lights, lighting candles, or investing in some plush bed sheets. This is easier for incalls. If you want to add romance to outcalls, opt for hotels with a “couples” feel.

2. Indulge in foreplay

While it’s tempting to skip to penetration, take time to pleasure your client with foreplay. Kiss, lick, and touch them gently to slowly build up tension.

3. Tailor the romance to the client

There’s nothing more romantic than having your needs met. Have an open discussion with your client about their desires. If they have a specific kink or fantasy, build this into the session to make it even sexier for them.

4. Play with eye contact

Looking each other in the eyes is an intimate act. Add in deep gazes throughout intercourse. This will help you and your client connect, making them feel more at ease and upping the sensual mood.

5. Boundaries

Last but not least, ensure you have emotional boundaries. Taking your sessions from sexy to romantic could blur the lines between work and real life. Keep it professional, and ensure your client knows you’re unavailable outside of work hours.

an escort and a client engaged in a romantic setting, emphasising consent and professionalism

When romance becomes too real

Worried too much romance might not be a good thing? Here’s what to do if you’re falling for a client or they’re falling for you.

What to do if you have romantic feelings for a client?

If you’ve started feeling for your client, you might be freaked out by your feelings. But it’s important to acknowledge them so you can work through them.

Remember that your clients are, well, clients! They are paying for a service and might not want a full-time relationship. If you shoot your shot, you need to be aware that you might lose them as a client.

There’s no right or wrong way to tell your client that you have romantic feelings for them. If you do, remember to give the client time and space and respect their decision regardless of whatever they choose.

Should you date a client?

Has a client professed their love to you? If this makes you uncomfortable, remember you have every right to say no and discontinue working with them. Remind them of your boundaries and that you’re a professional and not interested in dating.

Hopefully, they’ll understand where you’re coming from and won’t push any further. However, if they don’t stop, you must clear your feelings.

Here’s what to do when a client won’t back off.

The takeaway

Adding some romance into your sex work services could revolutionise your enjoyment and your client’s satisfaction, and bolster your business. But you must be careful not to blur the line between work and real emotions. Hopefully, this guide has inspired you to mix it up.

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