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Best LGBT films to watch on streaming platforms

Increasingly, film productions are specialising in certain themes and social issues aimed at different groups. And for the LGBT community, it’s no different.

Many LGBT films highlight different stories on queer relationships, family life, and social stigmas and challenges that many LGBT people can relate to.

Whether you’re a part of the LGBT community or not, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best LGBT films for you to watch.

LGBT films on Netflix

Check out some of the greatest LGBT shows on Netflix.

1. Other People

In this comedy-drama, New York comedy writer David Mulcahey moves to Sacramento to help his dying mother after a bad break up with his boyfriend.

Returning to live in a conservative environment with his younger sisters and father, who does not accept his sexual orientation, David feels like a stranger in his childhood home. 

Donning a brave face is his biggest challenge, as he tries to convince himself and those around him that he’s doing okay.

‘Other People’ is available on Netflix.

2. The Perfection

In this suspense story, Charlotte is a brilliant cellist who studies at one of the most prestigious music schools in Boston. 

But when her mother becomes terminally ill, she ends up having to abandon her dream to take care of her.

After reaching out to her former mentors years later, she discovers she has been replaced by star-pupil Lizzie, a prodigious musician with whom she ends up getting emotionally and physically involved. 

With a lot of chemistry and sexual tension between the two women, this thriller-horror film is full of sinister plot twists.

‘The Perfection’ is available on Netflix.

3. The Boys in the Band

Directed by Joe Mantello, this American drama is an adaptation of Mart Crowley’s 1968 play of the same name. 

Michael is a cynical homosexual with a luxurious lifestyle, who organizes a party for his friend, Harold (Zachary Quinto), inviting other gay friends.

To the guests’ surprise, an unexpected blast from the past arrives leaving this group of friends in conflict, and disclosing some sorrows, problems and buried truths from the past.   

‘The Boys in the Band ‘ is available on Netflix.


Jim Parsons, who plays Michael in 'The Boys in the Band', making a speech

4. The Half of It

In this queer teen rom-com, a resident of a remote town called Squahamish, Ellie Chiu is a shy, introverted and friendless student who makes money from doing fellow students’ homework.

Her life takes an unexpected turn when a jock, Paul Munsky, decides to ask her to write love letters to Aster Flores, who she secretly develops feelings for too. 

In a journey of discovery and learning, they form a triangle of friendship that results in an unforeseen experience of love and connection.

‘The Half of It’ is available on Netflix.

5. I am Michael 

This a biographical drama film based on the true-life story of Michael Galztae (James Franco), a gay activist who became an anti-gay Christian pastor.

Written and directed by Justin Kelly, Michael is a longtime advocate of LGBT rights, who ceases to identify himself as homosexual and has come to condemn homosexuality.

In the plot, it shows the painful journey of Michael who decides to suppress his sexuality and desires due to religion.

Starring James Franco, Zachary Quinto and Emma Roberts.

‘I am Michael’ is available on Netflix.

6. A Secret Love

This documentary tells the story of former baseball players Terry Donahue and her wife Pat Hensche.

The two fall in love during a time when homosexuality was extremely taboo, forcing them to keep their relationship a secret from their family for seven decades.

Running a successful interior decorating business together, this story reveals how they managed to keep their lesbian relationship a secret, and how coming out later in life has its own set of challenges.

‘A Secret Love’ is available on Netflix.

7. Blue is the Warmest Color

This romance-drama tells the story of Adèle, a French teenager who develops an emotional and sexual bond with Emma, an older art student she meets in a lesbian bar.

Dealing with the discoveries of youth, especially connected to love and sex, these lesbian lovers live their passions and desires for one another discreetly, as their society and families will not approve of their union.

‘Blue is the Warmest Colour’ won the Palme d’Or at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival and is available on Netflix.

LGBT films on other streaming platforms

Below are some other LGBT films you might be interested in that can be watched on other streaming platforms.

8. Three Generations

In this American comedy-drama, a New York teen, Ray (previously known as Ramona), decides to make his transition from female to male.

While his mother tries to find his biological father to obtain legal consent for the transition, his grandmother has difficulties accepting the new changes of her granddaughter.

‘Three Generations’ is available on Amazon Prime Video.


Actress Elle Fanning who plays Ray in 'Three Generations'

9. Moonlight

Growing up in a violent neighbourhood in Miami, African-American boy Chiron grapples with recognising his own identity and sexuality while enduring physical and mental abuse.

We witness Chiron in three stages of his life – childhood, adolescence and adulthood, in which he establishes himself as a drug dealer in Atlanta.

Throughout the plot, we see his journey in coming to grips with his homosexual feelings and has an intimate moment with a boy he can’t forget.

‘Moonlight’ won an Oscar for Best Picture and is available on Google Play Movies.


Actor Mahershala Ali, who plays Juan in 'Moonlight', winning a film award

10. Stranger By the Lake

In this erotic-thriller film, it’s summertime set by an isolated lake and beach that is a popular cruising destination for the gay community.

The protagonist Franck is one of the regulars and falls in love with the attractive yet lethally dangerous Michel, who has some dark secrets.

The film contains erotic homosexual scenes including masturbation and oral sex.

‘Stranger By the Lake’ is available on Amazon Prime Video.


Did any of the LGBT films in our list pique your interest? It’s time to grab some popcorn, relax, and enjoy a queer movie.

If you have any more suggestions for LGBT films, please include them in the comments below.


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