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How to switch off as a sex worker

There’s nothing more empowering than building up your own sex work business. But working for yourself can lead to some unhealthy work habits and a lack of boundaries between your work and personal lives – not good for you or your professional development!

Today, we’re looking at actionable strategies you can use to learn how to switch off as a sex worker. From getting active to turning off your notifications, keep reading to discover the best ways to tune out in your free time.

Why it’s important to switch off after sex work

Have you ever got home from work or switched off your laptop and been unable to relax? It doesn’t feel good and ruins the rest of your free time.

While thinking about work in your free time is normal, switching off after work is critical for your mental and physical health. It’s essential if you feel like you can’t escape work, as this can lead to adverse health impacts over time.

Work stress worries can lead to issues such as:

  • Disturbed sleep
  • Mental health conditions
  • Fatigue
  • Cardiovascular issues

Post-work stress can affect people in all industries. However, sex workers should be extra mindful of switching off after work. This is because some parts of sex work can be more physically and mentally intense than looking at spreadsheets for hours on end.

Think of switching off after work as post-sex aftercare. It’s there to improve your well-being and your relationship with your job.

How to relax after a long day

If you find it difficult to unwind after work, don’t worry. With the right strategies in your toolkit, you can start to take care of yourself and improve your free time.

Here are some ways to unwind after work as a sex worker:

1. Exercise

Like it or not, exercise is one of the best ways to de-stress after a long day. From joining sports teams and running to yoga and walks, many ways exist to get into a flow-state. This will decrease your stress hormones and leave you feeling mentally and physically better after a day of work.

Plus, exercise also helps your overall health and fitness. This is a must for sex work, as you want to look and feel your best, and feeling healthy and strong is the best way to appear confident to your clients.

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2. Mindfulness

Mindfulness and meditation often cause eye rolls, but stay with us. Studies show that meditation can have physical benefits like running, such as lower stress hormones and a more relaxed body.

But the benefits don’t stop there. Meditation and mindfulness practices have powerful long-term benefits. These include less mental chatter, lower stress levels, the ability to handle challenges and switch off quicker.

So, to become an expert at switching off after work, consider a few minutes of guided meditation after you clock off the cam site or leave your last client.

3. Do something for yourself

As a sex worker, you probably spend a lot of time focusing on other people’s needs. From inspiring mighty orgasms to inflicting some flirty pain, your focus is the client’s pleasure. But when you finish work, it’s critical that you also feel satisfied.

Make an effort to do something for yourself every day. This could be indulging in a hobby, reading a book, cooking a nutritious meal, or seeing your friends.

The only rule is that it has to be non-work related. Doing things unrelated to your job improves your well-being, sleep, and productivity when you work the next day. So, yes, bingeing that Netflix series will make you better at work. Result!

4. Freshen up

Listen up if you turn off your webcam or finish stripping and feel too tired to change! We have a tip just for you.

Showering or changing out of your work clothes when you get home is a quick way to tune out of work mode. This helps your brain understand that it’s no longer work time, and you’ll likely feel more relaxed and comfortable when out of your work lingerie.

So, pull out those comfy jogging bottoms and enjoy.

5. Turn off bookings and notifications

Today, technology allows sex workers to attract clients from across the world. This is a fantastic development until those notifications keep you up at night and affect your health.

Whether it’s your email bookings, social media notifications, or online fans, it’s best to turn off any digital reminders of work when you’re not working. These systems are great, but you should keep set hours to ensure your brain has the chance to turn off.

Don’t let these admin tasks eat into your evenings or free time. As they’re part of your job, make time for them. For example, you might set aside an hour every morning to approve bookings or curate social media posts.

Woman Learning to Do Skincare Procedures at Home⁠

Proactive steps for sex workers to decrease work stress

Sometimes, work stress is unavoidable. But you can minimise stress through mindful planning and smart business decisions.

Here are some extra tips to help you decrease stress from sex work:

  • Know your work limits – As a self-employed sex worker, it can be tempting to do as many shows or client bookings as possible to earn more. However, motor bookings can lead to extra tiredness and stress. Leave yourself some buffer time to ensure you’re not overwhelmed
  • Use to-do lists – To-do lists can help you get the important things out of the way. You’ll sleep better knowing these are done first!
  • Give yourself time off – Days off and holidays are critical for feeling your best. Don’t try to soldier on without a proper break! Instead, give yourself some annual leave to let your body and mind disconnect

The takeaway

You can enjoy your job and also need to take a break in the evenings, so don’t feel guilty about wanting to shut off work after a hard day. Hopefully, these tips have helped reinforce your routine and wellness practices. Let us know if we’ve missed anything important!

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