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Female G-Spot: How to find it for the strongest orgasm ever

Sex is a wonderful part of any relationship, bringing you and your partner closer together. It also provides immense pleasure, which can lead to orgasm

However, according to a recent study, over half of the women surveyed admitted to regularly not achieving orgasms. A lack of orgasm can be frustrating and even cause relationship problems.

There is hope, however. If you’ve never heard of the G-spot, now’s the time to learn about how it improves penetrative sex.

It also helps you spice up solo sessions or improve your pleasure from toys. Keep reading to learn all about the female G-spot.

What is the G-spot?

Maybe you’ve heard of the G-spot before, or perhaps you haven’t. Regardless, it can be key to achieving intense vaginal orgasms. So just what is the G-spot?

According to Healthline, it’s complicated. Identifying your fingers, toes, or even the tip of your clitoris isn’t a hard task, as they’re all well-defined parts of your body. Finding the G-spot, however, is not so simple. 

First, it’s located and stimulated a bit different for every person. Second, it’s part of the clitoral ‘roots’ that form the clitoral network.

And finally, it doesn’t always ‘feel’ any different along the vaginal canal to your fingers, though most describe a slightly different texture or plumpness in the area.

Where is the G-spot?

The clit gets a lot of attention, and rightfully so. Don’t let it hog the limelight, however. Your G-spot is equally fantastic once you find it. 

Every woman is unique, and your G-spot is no different. It’s roughly located on the anterior (towards your front!) side of the vaginal wall, towards your belly button.

Because it’s part of the clitoral network, it can provide stronger and more pleasurable sensations than the rest of the vagina. 

It’s also unique in its positioning for each woman. While it’s always on the ‘front’ side, its depth, width, and length will vary from person to person.

Find your G-spot

If you’ve struggled to find a G-spot in the past (or have never tried), that’s ok. This quick guide on how to find your G-spot will get you on track. First, you’ll need to relax in a safe area, like your bedroom.

Using your fingers

Once you’re relaxed and ready to go, lube your fingers (and be super careful if you have long or sharp nails) and insert them gently into your vagina. You’ll want to go several inches deep and make a ‘come here’ motion along the anterior wall.

Don’t stress, and don’t force yourself to have a specific outcome. Doing so will make it difficult to find your G-spot. Stay calm and explore the area by varying your depth and motions.

Stroke towards each ‘side’ as well, as the G-spot is not always located directly ‘up’. You’ll need to vary your positioning and motions throughout the process. These tips should help you learn how to stimulate the G-spot.

Using a toy

If you’ve got long fingernails or can’t position your hand correctly, a toy can help. Make sure it’s clean and well-lubed before sticking it up there. UTIs are no joke.

You’ll want to move the toy around and push it upwards along the vaginal walls closest to your stomach.

Try swirling motions, repetitive thrusts, and vibrational settings if the toy has them. Your goal here is to explore how different parts of your vagina react to stimuli to find your G-spot.


Find your partner’s G-spot

We’ve got you covered for the men (and women!) who want to impress their partners. First and foremost, discuss this with your partner first and make sure they give (and maintain) consent throughout the process.


How deep Is the G-spot?

Every woman is different, and not all of them will achieve outlandish pleasure from the G-spot. That said, there are some rough guidelines to get you started. Make sure your hands are clean and well-trimmed and consider engaging in foreplay first.

With your partner on their back, gently insert a finger or two into their vagina with your palm facing upwards. Stroke your finger(s) in a “come here” motion as if you’re trying to get at their belly button from behind.

Generally, the G-spot will be located about 2 inches deep on the anterior wall. 

Keep communication open with your partner. This process doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Talk to them as you stroke their vagina, clarifying what feels good and what doesn’t. 

Be patient

Both of you should remain patient and relaxed throughout the process. Keep asking your partner what feels good, and vary where and how you stroke your finger. It’s ok if you can’t find it on the first try.

6 Sex positions for hitting the G-spot

Now that we’ve got the technicals out of the way, it’s time to dive into the fun part. Whether you’re reading up to impress your partner or you are the one with the G-spot, these sex positions will help to leverage the female G-spot for better sex.

Because the G-spot is located on the front wall of the vagina, some positions are better suited for stimulating it.


Keep in mind each person is unique, so take a little time to find out which position(s) work best for you and your partner. Keep reading to learn about G-spot sex positions.

1. Doggy style

Good ole doggy style. Although doggy-style puts your partner in charge of the rhythm, it makes it easier for the penis to get at the G-spot. Adjustments to your hips and relative height can increase or decrease the intensity.

2. The snake

The snake is a slight variation of doggy-style that can make it easier for your partner to hit the G-spot. You’ll be more on your stomach with your rear pooched upwards in this position. Your partner may have to lean over you a bit more to keep a good rhythm going. 

3. Gee-shell

We won’t blame you if you’ve never heard of this one before. Begin by getting in a missionary position. Once settled in, draw your legs back as far as possible, up towards your shoulders. You may have to bend your knees a bit for maximal flexibility. 

This opens up the vagina for maximum penetration, which leaves your partner in control of the depth. If you don’t like your cervix getting booped or have some sensitive areas, communicate with your partner first or modify the position, so it’s not as deep. 

This position enables your partner to speed-bag your G-spot if that’s the thing you’re into. Between the flexibility, the view, and the sensations, you might go mad with pleasure.

4. Jockey style

Jockey style is similar to doggy, but in this one, you’ll be flat on your tummy with your legs stretched out behind you. This keeps your vagina tighter and in a more ‘upright’ position with the ceiling. 

This is another vulnerable position where your partner will be in control. However, it provides ample opportunity for stimulating the G-spot.

5. The wheelbarrow 

The wheelbarrow is sure to excite those seeking more adventure or a bit of ‘standing sex’ to your repertoire. Plus, it makes it super easy for your partner to stimulate the G-spot. If you get tired, a table, chair, or another bit of furniture can lighten the load for both of you. 

6. Cowgirl

Here’s one that puts you in control of the action. You’ll need to adjust the positioning to hit the G-spot, but you and your partner will be in for a wild ride. Best of all, you get to face each other for smouldering eye contact.


Additional stimulation tips 

Sex with a partner is fantastic, but it’s not always possible. Whether you’re single, your partner is unavailable, or you’re just looking for additional tips, we’ve got you covered.

Practice Kegels

This is common advice doled out for all things sex-related, but it isn’t without reason! Improving your pelvic floor muscles helps you intensify any sexual pleasure, whether using your fingers or your partner’s penis. Pelvic muscle control also enables you to press your G-spot onto whatever you’re working with, improving the sensation! 

G-spot vibrators

Sex toy manufacturers make vibrators that are specially designed to stimulate the G-spot. They feature a rounded tip that curves upwards to assist in hitting those areas around the G-spot. 

Always relax

Stress and other factors make it difficult to enjoy any sexual stimulation. Make sure to breathe deeply and relax for several minutes before you engage in any play, with or without a partner. Getting in tune with your body helps you feel better and react more intensely to stimulation. 

Utilise foreplay first

The clitoral network (including the exposed tip) expands with blood when you’re aroused, increasing surface area and improving sensation. If you struggle to find your G-spot or want to maximise the sensations, take the time to arouse yourself (or your partner) first.

Find what works for you 

We hope this guide has helped you (or your partner) learn more about the G-spot and female orgasm. As well as locating the G spot, other techniques such as edging (a form of orgasm control) can also help you achieve a mind-blowing orgasm.

It’s important to remember that sex isn’t always quick and easy. Take your time to find out what works for you. Once you do, great sex will follow.

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