International Sex Workers' Day

Make your voice heard this International Sex Workers’ Day

Want to help your fellow sex worker AND get some free marketing for your business this International Sex Workers’ Day?

We’re asking you to share your advice with others working in the industry. The best will be featured on June 2nd, International Sex Workers’ Day, across Vivastreet social media.

Want to get involved? Simply answer the questions below:


 1. How has sex work helped you?

 2. Why are you proud to be a sex worker?

 3. Share one fact no one knows about sex work

 4. If you could share one tip/piece of advice to other sex workers, what would it be?

Questions are optional; feel free to answer as many or as few as you like.

How to submit

For the best chance to be featured, please submit your answers as a short recorded video (you can hide your face if you want to remain anonymous). We ask that all videos use good lighting, have a clear sound and if done by phone are recorded in portrait mode.

Alternatively, you can also answer the questions as a voice note, or simply written down.

Once done, send your answers to the following email: [email protected]

Please note: All responses will be made anonymous unless you specifically let us know that you are happy for us to waive anonymity. All content will be shared across Vivastreet social platforms and the website.


About International Sex Workers’ Day

International Sex Workers’ Day also known as International Whores’ Day was created in order to amplify the voices of those involved in sex work and to highlight the living conditions of sex workers which are often exploitative. On 2nd June, 1975, as many as 100 sex workers in France gathered at Lyon’s Saint-Nizier Church and protested against the criminalisation of their work and exploitative living conditions.

The day acts as a platform to demand equal rights and better access to resources for sex workers.

International Sex Workers' Day march


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