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What is ASMR sex and why does it feel so good?

Inappropriate. Immoral. Unbecoming.

Those are just a few words you may have heard throughout your life describing sex. You may have even heard that the idea of simply talking about sex is pretty taboo.

And that’s why you may not have ever heard of ASMR sex.

So what is ASMR sex? These are questions we answer in this article, plus so much more, especially since you may not have even realized what ASMR has to do with sex.

With so many questions probably buzzing through your mind now, let’s get it on.

What is ASMR?

What does ASMR mean?

ASMR is an autonomous sensory meridian response. At the core of it, you may be wondering ”’is ASMR sexual?”, especially since the definition doesn’t seem like it.

Well, at the core of it, this is not a sexual term at all. But we’ll get into that later.

Not everyone experiences ASMR, which has made it a highly researched topic in the last decade.

If someone does experience it, they feel a tingling sensation that usually starts at the head and spreads through the body and through the limbs. This tingling can feel calming, and relaxing, and can potentially create a euphoric feeling.

If you want to make it a sexual term right off the bat, some people have nicknamed ASMR a “brain orgasm”.

ASMR triggers

So how does ASMR work? The basics behind ASMR is that there are triggers that can make people have certain experiences and feelings. And it probably goes back to your childhood.

Remember those games like ‘crack an egg and let the yolk drip down your back’ or ‘what letter am I drawing’? Those both involve ASMR triggers like soft touch, delicate hand movements, whispering, or close personal attention.

Other events or things that people may be in or see/hear that can evoke an ASMR response are:

  • Watching someone fold a piece of paper
  • Chewing
  • Massages
  • Typing
  • Hair play
  • Eye contact

It’s important to note, though, that people may experience ASMR because of different stimuli, and they also may have different intensities with their experiences.

What are the feelings associated with ASMR?

At this point, you may be wondering if you are someone who experiences ASMR. So let’s get into the feelings that you would potentially feel if you did experience it.

Based on studies conducted by researchers, participants that feel “brain tingles” when they are exposed to ASMR have certain regions of the brain light up, meaning there are certain aspects of ASMR that speak to different “parts” of you. Most participants had the brain regions associated with empathy and emotion pop up, meaning that ASMR has a lot to do with socioemotional bonding.

A few other studies report that people with ASMR are less likely to inhibit their emotions, whereas those that don’t have ASMR can. That doesn’t necessarily mean that people with ASMR are crying at everything they see or hear. It means that people with ASMR are more likely to get goosebumps when watching an emotional play or listening to some of their favourite music.

But the key takeaway of these feelings is that even if you don’t have the true feelings behind ASMR, you can and should still participate in things that would otherwise cause ASMR.

Don’t confuse ASMR feelings with these

Many of you reading this article may feel that you have ASMR, but there are a lot of things that you could be confusing it with. For instance, Misophonia is the aversion to loud chewing or breathing. Although people with ASMR are more likely to have an aversion to these things, this is the opposite end of the spectrum and being frustrated by these things doesn’t mean you have reactions to ASMR.

It is also not to be confused with frisson, which is what happens when tingles are sent down your back when listening to great music. While this could occur with ASMR, the two are not one and the same.


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How popular is ASMR and why do people like ASMR?

So you may be wondering if people do participate in ASMR, even if it may not actually affect them in the way that those who truly experience it feel.

And what does that all even mean?

It means that ASMR videos, or the act of ASMR, can be a stress-relieving tool. It is beginning to show its roots in helping people with insomnia, improving mood, and counteracting any feelings of loneliness.

And people are loving it. There are over 13 million videos on YouTube that have people creating experiences that could potentially stimulate someone to experience ASMR if they have it. However, some may think these videos are a bit weird.

In these videos, there can be anything from someone whispering with just a blank screen. Or it may be someone scratching their nails across a book cover or different baskets. And some are even role-plays of the real experience of being at a doctor’s office and getting a check-up or getting a haircut.

What is ASMR sex?

You’ve learned quite a lot about ASMR already. But now you’re trying to relate it to sex and how the two can be in the same sentence since that’s probably why you clicked on this article in the first place.

The idea behind ASMR sex is finding a trigger that turns you on, whether you truly experience ASMR or not. These triggers can include soft touch on the neck, running their fingers down your spine, whispering in your ear, or making a specific soft sound that you enjoy.

ASMR sex has nothing to do with new moves or new positions to try out. Instead, all you have to do is find the one trigger.

What does ASMR sex look like?

There is no one answer to what ASMR sex may look like since everyone has different triggers.

If running water relaxes you, then you may want to try hopping in the shower with your partner or maybe even spice things up a bit by turning the sink on and having sex on the bathroom counter.

Maybe the feeling of light touch is a trigger for you. Try out different objects like feathers, strings, and maybe even your partner’s tongue. You’ll be shocked by the intimacy that it can bring to your relationship.

Again, whatever turns you on needs to be incorporated into the bedroom to make ASMR sex work for you. And you may need to try out a few different triggers before finding the right one that works best for you.

Why should you try ASMR sex?

If you’re not convinced that ASMR sex is for you, what’s the harm in trying it out? There are actually a lot of benefits it could bring you and your partner.

Once you have consent from your partner to try out these new things, you can give various triggers a try. By doing this, you are showing your partner (and your partner is showing you) that there is trust. There is also a level of intimacy that trying something new like ASMR can bring to your relationship and inside the bedroom.

You may find that it brings you two closer.

Things to keep in mind when trying ASMR sex

If you are new to trying out ASMR sex, it’s important to talk to your partner about what you like and don’t like, and it’s just as important to listen to your partner tell you the same.

Communication is vital in the bedroom and key to ASMR sex.

Who knows? ASMR sex may even start to open you up to more experiences in the bedroom.


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Thinking about trying ASMR sex?

The first thing you want to do to try out ASMR is to find your triggers. Pay close attention to what you feel in various situations, especially with what you see, taste, touch, or smell.

You can also try out the ASMR videos online. If you have tingling reactions to these that start at your head, you are most likely having an ASMR reaction. And if you don’t, it could possibly calm you and relax you.

If you enjoyed reading about ASMR and the meaning behind it and how it relates to sex, you may want to check out some of our other articles on the site. There are some interesting reads that you don’t want to miss.

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