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18 of the weirdest & bizarre fetishes out there that you didn’t know existed

There are all sorts of different fetishes out there – from the more popular ones like feet or latex to the more obscure, like body and pubic hair or flatulence and messy play.

And while some people might not understand why someone would be interested in a particular fetish, there’s usually a perfectly reasonable explanation.

Often sexual fetishes are sometimes too taboo to discuss. However, if you’re interested in reading on, we’ve uncovered some of the weirdest fetishes out there. Read on to find out more.

What is a sexual fetish?

Sexual fetishes are a topic that is often shrouded in secrecy and taboo. But the fact is, they are incredibly common, and so many different fetishes exist.

Broadly speaking, a sexual fetish is any object or activity that a person finds sexually arousing.

This can be something as simple as a specific type of clothing or a certain body part, or it can be something more elaborate and specific, like a particular scenario or role-playing game.

While some people are content to keep their fetishes private, others may want to explore them with a partner.

Weirdest sexual fetishes


This fetish is all about getting turned on after witnessing a tragedy, for instance, a car crash. Symorophilia differs from our body’s normal response to loss, making it somewhat sexual.

Just like other weird fetishes, it comes with the adrenaline that comes in when witnessing a dangerous situation.


Kleptolagnia, or kleptophilia, is a fetish in which stealing excites the person. When someone has this fetish, he or she will be turned on by stolen stuff and the act of stealing it.

The objects are typically small and, in some cases, related to sex such as sex toys or panties, making them easier to steal.


Also called the Bonnie and Clyde syndrome, Hybristophila is the fact of being attracted to people who steal things. In addition, Hybristophila involves being aroused by someone committing crimes.


Forniphilia calls for using a person, generally a partner, as a piece of furniture. For instance, someone with this fetish could ask his partner to stand for several hours acting like a table or a footstool.

Of course, being close enough to the partner to use them as a chair mercilessly is appealing when having this fetish.

Being used as an inoperative lamp or other decorations are also examples.

Blue sofa


Dacryphilia is a fetish that aroused the person by seeing others crying. In fact, witnessing someone else’s crying might be a particularly exciting scenario. Generally, this weird fetish is associated with BDSM or dominance and submission.

Orgasm Control

Another fetish worth mentioning is Orgasm Control, which is a sexual partner almost reaching the climax and being stopped by the other partner.

This is done repeatedly over the course of sexual activity, and the more times it can be stopped, the more turned on the stopping partner will be aroused. Orgasm Control is often considered as selfish, especially in a romantic relationship.

Woman lying on bed with white sheets having an orgasm


Also known as Armpit fetishism, Axillism is the act of using the armpit as a sexual accessory to lick it, taste it, and kiss it. Those with this fetish generally prefer the armpit to be unshaven or not washed for a few hours or days.

Woman with hairy armpit


Coprophilia is a sexual fetish in which sexual arousal is derived from contact with faeces. Coprophilia fetish has become more talked about since the Brazilian movie 2 Girls 1 Cup released in 2017.


Xylophilia is another weird sexual fetish that represents the love for wood or wooden objects. People attracted by wood like to spend their time in nature, especially in forests and woods.


Eproctophilia is a sexual fetish for flatulence. It is closely related to Paraphilias and can be considered either a mild form of Coprophilia or as its own fetish. Eproctophiles are sexually aroused by the act of passing gas, seeing someone farting, as well as the smell.


Agalmatophilia is a fetish that gives attraction to statuses. It is related to Pygmalionism. People with this fetish can become aroused by touching or seeing a statue, doll, mannequin, or similar figurative object.

Some people may even have fantasies about having sex with a statue.


Spectrophilia is a fetish or paraphilia that is characterised by sexual attraction to ghosts and spirits.

Individuals with this condition may report feelings of love, desire, and euphoria when thinking about or encountering ghosts and spirits.

Typically, those with this fetish ask their partner or hire an escort for this purpose, to dress and behave like a ghost to satisfy their sexual needs.



Pubephilia is a paraphilia characterised by an abnormal interest in pubic hair. People with Pubephilia are often attracted to the sight or feel of pubic hair and may also enjoy touching or smelling it.

Some people with Pubephilia may also be interested in body hair in general, such as armpit hair or chest hair.

Pubephilia is not considered to be harmful in and of itself, but it can become problematic if it leads to obsessive thoughts or behaviours that interfere with a person’s life.


This is a fetish for clouds or fog. People with this fetish are often attracted to the way clouds look, feel, or smell. They generally enjoy watching clouds form in the sky.


Titillagnia is another weird sexual fetish that gets the person excited to tickle other people.

Man getting his feet tickled by a woman in bed


Another of the weirdest fetishes is masturbating or having sex, may it be with one or multiple partners, in front of the mirror.


Hobophilia is a weird fetish that you’ve probably never heard of before, and it’s the fact of feeling aroused when seeing homeless people or people with no possessions.


Claustrophilia can be considered the opposite of Claustrophobia – the latter making the person suffering from it scared of tight and enclosed spaces.

On the flip side, a Claustrophilia fetish makes the person aroused and desire a closed space.

Is fetishism a disorder?

Fetishism isn’t a disorder per se, and for a fetish to be viewed as an issue, it will cause you or somebody else critical trouble or distress in some way.

While some fetishes are still considered relatively taboo in our society, there is nothing wrong with them as long as they don’t hurt anyone or yourself.

How to deal with having a fetish

The best way to get rid of that feeling is to understand that you do not choose your fetishes and that it’s fine to have them and act upon them. Of course, this is in the case where they don’t heavily interfere with your daily life.

That being said, if your fetish becomes a problem and begins to interfere with your work or social activities, then the most effective therapy for a fetishistic disorder is psychotherapy.

In this case, a skilled therapist who is knowledgeable in paraphilias. CBT, a form of cognitive behavioural therapy, may be used by a certified therapist to discover and change fetishistic habits.

In certain instances, Psychodynamic Therapy can be recommended for fetishism that has some kind of connection with a past experience.

Can fetishes be expressed in a relationship?

As a general rule of thumb, fetishes can indeed be considered normal in relationships and totally become a normal part of the sexual activity with your partner.

For example, having a feet fetish isn’t uncommon and doesn’t harm the relationship in any way, shape, or form.

However, when a fetish becomes obsessive and calls for public sex, the use of force, or self-destructive behaviour, among other issues, then this is a problem, and it’s essential to consult a therapist.

Last but not least, when involving your fetish in your relationship, it’s instrumental to respect your partner, and ensure that any activity you wish for them to participate in is consensual.

Conclusion – is it OK to have a fetish?

Sexual preferences are fine as long as they don’t harm anyone and are legal.

But, if that fetish causes issues or distress in your daily life, you should visit a therapist as soon as possible.


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