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Why is toe sucking so sexy and how to get off on the right foot

The next time your partner asks you to go down on them, they could want you to go much further south than you think.

What is toe sucking?

As its name implies, toe sucking is the practice of sucking toes. Also known as ‘shrimping’, toe-sucking can be performed as part of foreplay, or as a standalone act. 

Where does it come from?

Paying attention to toes and feeling feet is certainly nothing new; drawings from ancient Egyptian culture shows that feet were very often included in physical play, with images of foot massage and reflexology being quite common. 

Indeed, the feet even play a large part in religion, with worshippers encouraged to kiss the feet of someone deemed holy. Bearing that in mind, the kissing, sucking, or stroking of feet really does go back centuries.


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How popular is toe sucking?

When you think that feet are the most fetishised part of the body after genitals, you can see why toe sucking is so popular. Yet sucking toes isn’t necessarily a fetish at all, especially when it forms part of an overall lovemaking experience. If you’ve ever had a foot rub after a long day on your feet you will know how sublime that feels. Add in the warmth and wetness of a mouth and you’ll begin to see the attraction. 

It’s difficult to put a percentage on how many people perform toe sucking per se, because for some it’s part of a foot fetish, while for others it’s considered a normal part of their routine. A study conducted by Vivastreet on the UK’s top sexual fetishes, however, placed foot fetishes at number 7.

Why do people do it?

It’s interesting to note that the parts of the brain associated with the genitalia are right next door to the area for feet – despite the body parts being so far apart – so it’s not a huge leap to realise that in some people, when their feet are touched, it triggers a sexual sensation.

In fact, one woman even sought help for foot orgasms – or footgasms – after the wiring in her brain became so ‘mixed up’ after an accident that she would experience sexual feelings through non-sexual stimulation of her feet.

For others, the turn-on can come from knowing that their lover wants to caress and kiss every single part of their body. For instance, some people incorporate it into an S&M relationship, with the sub being made to kiss the feet of their dom.

Whatever the reasons behind the activity, it makes sense when you know that the feet have over 7,000 nerve endings, so any kind of stimulation can be highly arousing.

What does toe sucking feel like?

Part of the thrill of toe sucking is that it’s still somehow taboo. Physically, however, having your toes sucked can be highly erotic. Imagine oral sex but on your feet. The awakening of the thousands of nerve endings, coupled with the warmth and moistness of the mouth is a sensation not to be missed, and when you add in a little suction it can be truly mind-blowing. 

Is toe sucking a fetish or a kink?

Playing with feet isn’t always sexual; a foot rub after a long hard day is heaven to many people and is done purely for relaxation, but toe sucking does cross over into a sexual activity. 

Many people are put off by the idea of ‘outing’ themselves as being into toe sucking for fear of being labelled as a fetishist, but toe sucking by itself is not a fetish. A fetish is an object or activity that is necessary for sexual gratification; in other words, the person cannot get off without it, or even become aroused.  So, if you found that you couldn’t enjoy or even have sex without toe sucking, then it would be a fetish.

A kink, on the other hand, is something that is done on occasion to enhance sex, something that you enjoy but that isn’t necessary. If you like to incorporate toe sucking into your sex life occasionally, it is a kink.

Who enjoys it more – men or women?

Toe sucking is enjoyed by both men and women, and it all comes down to how you feel about feet. Regardless of gender, it’s an erotic experience that, once tried, could well become a much-anticipated part of your sex life. 

However, it seems that men could be more partial to it than women, especially if you look at the statistics.

According to The Kinsey Institute Fellow, Dr Justin Lehmiller’s research into foot fetishes showed that while 19.5% of men polled said they had a sexual fantasy involving feet, only 8% of women did, so it makes sense that the same sort of numbers applies to toe sucking. Perhaps it’s to do with the fact that women’s feet are considered more visually appealing. Research has also shown that men do respond more to visual images than women.

How to suck toes

If you’ve never tried toe sucking, you might be wondering how to go about it in the right way.

1. Ask permission

The first thing to do is ask. If you’re not sure how your partner feels about it, it could come as a shock and result in a reflex kick, so don’t just spring it on them.

It doesn’t have to be a straight-out “Can I suck your toes?”, you can do it subtly by paying attention to their feet, and then telling them how sexy you find their feet and taking it from there.

2. Keep it clean

Make sure the toes to be sucked are clean. While toe sucking is a pretty safe sex act, nobody (unless it’s your fetish) wants dirty toes in their mouth. How about suggesting a relaxing bath or shower together first?

3. Position

The position is all-important. Toe sucking is a slow, sensual act, so you both need to be comfortable. If you are the giver, try having your partner sit on the edge of the bed while you kneel on the floor, and then bring their foot up to your mouth.

If you find the bed isn’t the right height, they can lie down instead which allows you to raise their foot to whatever level is best. This is also a great gateway position for sliding your hands or tongue up their legs to begin oral sex or manual stimulation.


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4. Take your time

Start slowly and gently. Just like with oral sex, you need to ease into it with teasing little touches (although if they are ticklish you might need to be a little less light).

If the soles of their feet are too sensitive, try the sides, instead. Be guided by their reaction, and if they are enjoying it, begin to apply a little pressure with your tongue. Then move on to the toes. The big toe is the obvious one to start with, and you can slide your lips over it and gently use your tongue to explore, before adding in a little sucking action – again, be led by your partner’s reaction.

There are five toes on each foot to pay attention to, so move from one to the other using the same technique. You can also explore the spaces between the toes with your tongue, and if they enjoy the toe sucking, they will adore the feeling of a hot, wet tongue sliding between their toes – it’s incredibly erotic.

5. Use your hands too

Of course, while this article is about toe sucking, that doesn’t mean you can’t make full use of other tools at your disposal. Put your hands to work as you suck and lick, holding the foot in position and stroking or massaging as you go.

This gives them a myriad of sensations; moistness, warmth, softness, pressure, suction, and stroking will give them a sensory overload, and that’s before you’ve even touched anywhere else. 

Should you give toe sucking a go?

Toe sucking is not for everyone, but you won’t know until you give it a go.

You only have to look at certain popular shows to see that the practice is making its way into the mainstream media. Love Island’s Toby Aromolaran, for example, was tasked last year on the show with performing it on fellow contestant Kaz Kamwi, which he did with relish.

When it comes to sucking toes, the phrase ‘don’t knock it till you try it’ definitely comes to mind. If you are looking to fulfil your toe-sucking needs, visit our foot fetish escorts today.

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