Man and woman on first date enjoying a picnic in the park

8 best first date ideas that won’t make you feel awkward

As lockdown restrictions continue to gradually lift and summer approaches, flings, casual hookups and relationships are bound to bloom.

If you’re single, a first date can be pretty nerve-racking and tricky to get just right.

As the old adage goes, you only get one chance to make a first impression, so you need to think about how to make your date memorable rather than awkward. 

If you’re looking to get a second date with your companion, it’s vital that your first date is a success. 

If post-lockdown dating seems a bit daunting after a long time out of the game, here’s a list of best first date ideas that are non-awkward and will help get you out there again.

Chat over a hot beverage

As the nation of tea drinkers, no Brit can turn down a lovely cuppa, or even a coffee in fact. A chilled chat over a hot beverage is the perfect way to keep your first date relaxed and casual. Unlike a dinner date, an afternoon meet-up at a café is an easy-going icebreaker that doesn’t require too much pressure and will make you feel ultra-comfortable.


Man and woman on a coffee date

Laugh away at a comedy show

If you’re up for a laugh and a bit of light-hearted fun, a comedy show or stand up with your date is an excellent shout. Not only is it a chance to get to know each other’s sense of humour, but it’s a great bonding experience, and can fill in those awkward or shy moments, especially if it’s a comedy dining experience. You can find a local or underground comedy club to go to, but if you’re up for a big arena event, then go for it.


Microphone and stool on a stand up comedy stage

Have a romantic rooftop dinner

Are you the romantic kind? Impress your date by opting for a rooftop restaurant. Why not head over to the city? You’ll both appreciate taking in the breathtaking views of London over a delicious meal, although, any location will make it special. You can go for a standard venue, or if you’ve got the cash to splash, something more high-end with an à la carte menu will go down a treat. If eating is not on the agenda, cocktails on the roof are just as thrilling. Just don’t forget to rise to the occasion and look your best f you really want to turn them on.


Dinner table at a rooftop restaurant

Get ready for a picnic boat ride

It might sound a bit over the top, but thinking out-of-the-box can give you more brownie points. A picnic is great for daytime lovers or those wanting to enjoy the summer vibe. A little feast in the park would be enjoyable, but if you’re not afraid of water, one on a boat ride gives it that extra wow factor. There are many places across the UK including parks that offer boat riding services, so you can hop from the grass to the lake or river whenever you feel like taking in the scenery. Otherwise, a drinks cruise, a fun motorboat ride, or a simple chat on a paddle boat are just as unique.


Picnic basket with wine and flowers in a wooden boat

Enjoy a scenic walk or a hike

Cheap and cheerful, never underestimate a long scenic and romantic stroll, especially if you live by a beach. At the end of the night, you’re likely to know each other pretty well, as it leaves room for lots of conversation. Just make sure you’ve planned out your route (preferably an attractive one), and wear comfy shoes. Don’t worry how long you’re walking for, time will fly by as you get to know one another. After a long conversation, you can always follow up the walk with a nice drink at a pub or bar.


Man and woman on first date walking along the tall grass field

Go to an event or festival 

Do you know what’s going down in your city? Or, are there any must-go-to popular events happening? Whether it’s a concert, themed party, food fest, or an all-dayer, find something you’re both interested in and head on down. As well as being excited about meeting each other, you’ll also have an event you anticipate looking forward to. There is likely to be food, drinks and entertainment in one place too – bonus.


Man and woman on a first date sitting on the grass talking at music festival

Swanky cocktail bar

A dimly lit cocktail bar is a cool yet fancy spot for wooing your date, and also gives you the chance to dress up. Remember, one with decent music (or without) and a mellow crowd is a better first date atmosphere than one that is too loud. Also, be careful not to get too drunk; not only could it leave a bad impression, but it can prevent you from getting to know each other properly. Start off with a few cocktail rounds, and then if you need to,  move onto mocktails, or soft drinks and food if you don’t want to get intoxicated.


A cocktail in a glass at the bar

Get adventurous

Whether it’s doing an escape room, a theme park, a cooking masterclass, or taking a tour around the UK’s landmarks, showing off your fun and adventurous side can work in your favour. It’s far from boring and it allows for building a solid connection with your date and will be one that they won’t forget for a while.


Bottom view of the London Eye

Arrange your first date today

Now that you have a few good first date ideas to break the ice, you can go and arrange a fantastic day or evening with your love interest.

If you’re dying to get back on the dating scene but have no one in the picture, hiring a companion can be an alternative.

We hope you enjoy your first date.

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