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Neosurf on Vivastreet: A simple and secure payment option for sex workers

At Vivastreet, we’re always looking to provide flexible payment options for sex workers, to enable them to run their business safely and effectively. 

With this in mind, we’re happy to announce a brand new method for Vivastreet users to pay – Neosurf.

What is Neosurf?

Neosurf is a payment solution that allows you to pay cash online using prepaid vouchers.  Neosurf enables you to pay privately online without disclosing your personal information. 

A replacement for Paysafe

Previously, ‘Paysafe’ was one of many payment options available on the Vivastreet platform. However, due to circumstances outside of Vivastreet’s control, Paysafe will no longer be available to Vivastreet users from 30th September 2022.

Neosurf works in a very similar way to Paysafe, which is why we’ve introduced this quick and easy alternative for you to use.

In the meantime, we recommend you use up all of your Paysafe credits on Vivastreet before 30th September and start to use Neosurf as an alternative moving forward.

How does Neosurf compare to Paysafe?

Neosurf vouchers offer a simple and secure way to pay online. It offers many of the same (and maybe more) features that Paysafe has.

Like Paysafe, Neosurf is a pre-pay voucher payment method that allows you to: 

  • Pay in cash online for free 
  • Safely pay online without the use of a bank account or credit card
  • Pay privately on the internet, without going through your bank account
  • Pay instantly using a printed ticket with a secure pin code 

Benefits of Neosurf on Vivastreet

There are many benefits to using Neosurf on the Vivastreet platform.

The main benefits are:

  • Your privacy is fully protected. You don’t need a bank account, credit card or to disclose your personal information to use this payment method on our platform
  • You can pay anonymously on Vivastreet to protect your identity
  • There will be no reference to Vivastreet or any adult website on your bank statement 
  • None of your bank account data can be put at risk on our site
  • Neosurf vouchers are available all around the world – anyone can purchase Neovouchers so there is no risk of not being able to find a seller 
  • Neosurf vouchers are available for various amounts 

How to use Neosurf on Vivastreet

Using Neosurf on Vivastreet is simple and easy to use.

1. After buying your Neosurf Voucher from your local reseller, go to the Vivastreet site and choose “Neosurf” on the payment page.


neosurf on vivastreet

Note that you must have made one credit/debit card transaction before unlocking Neosurf as a payment option.

2. Using your Neosurf voucher, enter the 10-digit Neosurf pin code in the ‘Voucher’ section to complete the transaction.

Once applied, the value at the top right of this screen will match the total to be paid on Vivastreet. You may use multiple vouchers to pay the amount if desired.


neosurf on vivastreet

3. Upon successful payment, you’ll see the following screen:


neosurf on vivastreet

To return to Vivastreet and see your ad’s publishing status, click ‘To merchant’.

If you experience any issues while using Neosurf, you can always call our Customer Service team on 0203 695 8755.

Neosurf and safety

It’s important to remember to keep your Neosurf pin secure at all times to avoid someone else using your voucher code. Note that transactions cannot be reversed.

  • Protect your Neosurf Voucher’s pin code at all times
  • Only use Neosurf at reputable websites like Vivastreet 
  • Never email your Neosurf voucher’s pin code or give it to anyone over the telephone

If you believe your Neosurf voucher has been stolen or damaged, contact the Neosurf support team here

Where can I buy Neosurf vouchers?

Neosurf vouchers are easily accessible.

  1. Neosurf vouchers are available from convenient and local retail locations
  2. There are also an increasing number of online digital content sellers like Amazon that sell Neosurf vouchers 
  3. You can find where to purchase Neosurf vouchers via this store locator here

Alternatively, you can purchase a Neosurf voucher online here.

Redeem your Neosurf voucher by purchasing products and features on Vivastreet here.


As a sex worker, finding a platform that offers flexible and easy-to-use payment solutions is a must. Neosurf is just that and will ensure you can continue to use the Vivastreet platform safely and easily while protecting your identity. 

If you’re looking to make a payment today using Neosurf and require some assistance, please contact our Customer Service team.

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