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What’s edgeplay? And no, it has nothing to do with edging

Edgeplay is slowly gaining more and more attention, but do you know what this term actually refers to? Hint: it’s not edging.

Living life on the edge is more appealing to some than others. In daily life, edge seekers might experiment with adrenaline-inducing sports or extreme thrills, but in the bedroom, they might be partial to a spot of edgeplay.

Edgeplay is all about breaking your boundaries and taking your sex life to the next level. Of course, boundary-breaking will mean different things to different people, and that’s why this kink can be a little confusing.

But we’re here to clear all misconceptions up. Whether you’re intrigued by edgeplay or looking to further your sex life, keep reading. In this blog, we’re focusing on what edgeplay really is, why it’s different from edging, and how you can get started safely.

Ready to go? Let’s dive in.

What is edgeplay?

If edgeplay isn’t edging, what does it truly mean?

Edgeplay is all about engaging in thrilling or hardcore kinks. It’s about taking your comfort zone and breaking through the barriers to reach the next thrill. For some, this could be BDSM, and for others, it could be a little more vanilla.

This play depends on your personal boundaries and tastes. Since it’s such a personal subject, it can be hard to define for everyone. But, in general, edgeplay aims to experiment with risky sexual activities for heightened arousal and pleasure.

Also known as “playing on the edge”, this kink needs considerable consensual discussion beforehand. Being on the same page as your partner is essential, or things could quickly become harmful. But more on safety later.

Edging vs edgeplay: Key differences

Edging and edgeplay are often confused, and it’s easy to see why. Both activities combine pleasure and an “edge”, but edgeplay is considerably more hardcore.

Unlike edgeplay, edging doesn’t have to include hardcore kinks. Edging describes the practice of delaying orgasm to achieve a more intense finish. This activity is about increasing the duration and pleasure of your orgasms, not upping the risk of the situation. Edging can be paired with BDSM, but it can also be included in “vanilla” play.

On the other hand, edgeplay involves the element of risk and fear. Yes, edging can be included in edgeplay, but it would need to break a taboo or boundaries for the people involved.


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Types of edgeplay

Since edgeplay doesn’t describe one single sex act, it can be confusing to know what’s involved. Plus, it’s down to personal discretion, making the definition even more elusive.

However, there’s a wide range of different activities to choose from. From knife play to CNC, there are some common boundary-breaking activities most edgeplay fans experiment with.

Are you considering adding some extra spice to your sex life? We’ve rounded up the top edgeplay options to inspire your next romp. See the top picks below.

Knife play

It might sound scary to some, but knife play is a popular way to add heightened arousal to sex. Knife play is a consensual BDSM activity that incorporates daggers, knives, and any sharp edges into sex. These are often used to cut clothing, lightly scratch the skin, and provide an extra layer of mental stimulation.


CNC, also known as consensual non-consent, is a popular choice for edgeplay sessions. However, this isn’t for the faint of heart. CNC requires trust with your partner as the play involves removing all safewords and roleplaying non-consensual scenarios. This can be amazing for some but not for everyone, so make sure you have a deep discussion beforehand.

Rope play

A favourite within BDSM circles, rope play, involves using ropes to restrain submissive partners. Ropes can imitate handcuffs and leg ties, or they can be used to tie decorative Shibari knots along the submissive party’s body.

Golden showers

Ready to break new taboos? Golden showers are a popular edgeplay element. This activity involves the addition of urine into your play. This is popular within the BDSM scene, as the sensation and powerplay of golden showers can take orgasms to the next level. Just make sure you talk about consent first.

Wax play

If your aim is turning the heat up, wax play should be on your list. Wax play is here to add new temperature sensations to your sex life via pouring safe candle wax on your partner. Experiment with different body areas, speeds, and heights to add extra anticipation to sex. But before you get started, ensure you invest in body-safe candles.

Other edgeplay staples

Want to take your sex life even further? Here are additional edgeplay staples to consider:

  • Blood play
  • Forced orgasms
  • Power exchange
  • Orgasm denial
  • Breath play
  • Ruined orgasms

Anything extreme is on the menu. If it breaks your boundary, add it to the list.

Edgeplay and safety

Like any new kink or sexual activity, edgeplay comes with safety risks. Before getting started, research your desires, and know how to act out the scene safely. This is the same for your partner’s desires, and going in blind can be more dangerous than you expect.

In addition to knowing how to act out edgeplay kinks safely, keeping safety items on hand can help in an emergency. For example, scissors can be handy if you’re experimenting with ropes, and a bucket of cool water is a must for wax play.

Trust in your partner is needed, and enthusiastic consent is a MUST before any play starts. Make sure you’re both on the same page and aware of consensual kink risks. This can be completed via an in-depth consent chat beforehand.

Finally, it’s also advised that you know your partner’s mental health history. This can help you navigate the play to avoid triggers, resulting in a more fulfilling time for all parties. If these conversations feel awkward, you might not be the best match for such extreme play. Open trust and communication are paramount.

What are the main risks?

Safety during edgeplay is heavily linked to the activities you choose. But there are some main risks associated with the general play.

Main edgeplay risks include:

  • Physical injuries beyond agreed expectations
  • Psychological trauma from intense sexual situations
  • Potential for death if extreme kinks and hardcore play are included

The point of edgeplay is to take sexual intercourse to the edge, but this doesn’t involve going over the edge. Knowing your boundaries before starting will reduce risks. Knowing how to handle an accident or incident is important, and participants should discuss this plan beforehand.

Safewords or signals are vital, so make sure you negotiate these too. This can be difficult if CNC is your plan but knowing how to stop if needed is necessary.


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How to get started with edgeplay

Are you feeling curious? Start planning your edgeplay session now. Getting started with edgeplay is easier than ever. Use these tips to start your extreme kink experience.

  • Work out where your “edge” is. This includes considering the types of kinks you want to experiment with, knowing how far you want to go with them, and where “too far” is for you. Don’t rush this step
  • Consider whether you want to receive or give. Edgeplay usually involves dominant and submissive parties. Which will you be?
  • Plan the outcomes of edgeplay. What do you want to achieve from this experience?
  • Sit down and negotiate with your partner. Take the previously mentioned aspects and discuss them with your partner.
  • Have the consent conversation. Without enthusiastic consent and strong boundaries, edgeplay can’t commence
  • Outline potential issues and how to resolve them. Planning for all possibilities will keep both parties safe. This includes outlining signals, safewords, and safety items you’ll keep nearby
  • Aftercare plan. Aftercare is necessary after all extreme sexual play sessions. Tell your partner what you’ll need and listen to their desires. This is just as important as consent

It’s also advised to consider taking a moment to dive into “play education”. If you haven’t already, explore the wealth of internet resources that detail kink safety. This will ensure you have a more fulfilling experience without the stress of the unknown.

Edgeplay without a detailed plan and communication can result in injuries and ruined relationships. Serious outcomes are at risk here, and edgeplay isn’t a kink to dabble in without experience. If you’re not 100% sure, you might want to sit this kink out.

Though it doesn’t always sound sexy, planning and research are key here.

Ready to play?

So, will you be taking a trip to the edge anytime soon?

Edgeplay can be extremely satisfying, especially if you know you like pushing your limits. However, practising hardcore kinks with a consenting partner you trust is crucial. Not only will this improve the safety of the session, but it’ll heighten arousal too.

Will you be diving in? Let us know in the comments.

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