Close-up of a woman holding nipple clamps with a soft focus background; a visual accompaniment to an article introducing beginners to the world of nipple clamps, emphasising safety, exploration, and informed choices in sensual accessories

Beginner’s ultimate guide to nipple clamps

Can a pinch be pleasurable? The nipple clamp community thinks so, and guess what? You might, too! Nipple clamps are a small sex toy that often gets lost in the overall discussion but don’t overlook these little clamps. They can make a big difference in the bedroom.

Today, we’re looking at what nipple clamps do, why you should use them, which types are available, and how to get started.

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What are nipple clamps?

Though their name might sound scary to newbies, they aren’t a medieval device.

They’re small clips used to squeeze or pinch your nipples to heighten sensations and arousal.

Clamps don’t have to be tight (unless you want them to!). Their grip depends on the wearer. They come in all different sizes, materials, and shapes. So read some reviews and shop around before deciding on the clamps for you

Why use nipple clamps?

Nipple clamps work by restricting the flow of blood to the nipple. This produces a painful and pleasurable feeling, like other BDSM techniques.

However, you don’t have to induce pain if you don’t want to. Loose nipple clamps are also available, offering more gentle sensations – which can be super pleasurable if your nipples are extra sensitive.

Like most toys, not everyone loves them; everyone has different nipple sensitivity. Even if your nipples aren’t super sensitive they’re still an erogenous zone, and you might want to try wearing them as part of a sexy outfit. Some people even feel confident in them! There are plenty of reasons to try this small-but-mighty sex toy. So, this is your sign to check them out.

Close-up of various sex toys and nipple clamps with a soft focus background; a visual accompaniment to an article introducing beginners to the world of nipple clamps, emphasising safety, exploration, and informed choices in sensual accessories

What do nipple clamps feel like?

To most people’s surprise, they don’t usually hurt. For generic clamps, you get a slight pinching feeling or numbness. But you can buy more extreme clamps that inflict a more intense pinch. Going straight for these is not recommended. Slowly ease yourself into the game.

As always, if they are causing severe pain or discomfort, take them off. If the pain doesn’t subside or there’s bleeding, consult a medical professional. Your well-being always comes first (even if you don’t)!

What is a nipplegasm?

As we mentioned earlier, some people have more sensitive nipples than others. Nipple orgasms are possible after nipple sensation, but it’s not possible for everyone. Scientists think this happens when nipple stimulation activates the brain’s “genital sensory cortex”.

If you haven’t already got sensitive nipples, unfortunately, this isn’t something you can train yourself to do. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the sensations of the clamps.

Unsure if you can nipplegasm? Experiment and see what feels best for your body. There are more types of orgasms than you’d expect.

How can nipple clamps improve your sex life?

Like all sex toys, nipple clamps are here to enhance your sex life. Whether you or your partner wears them, they can make sex more pleasurable, naughtier, and introduce you to new kinks.

Here are some of the potential benefits:

  • The chance to explore new sensations
  • The possibility of a nipplegasm
  • Improved body confidence
  • Better connection to what turns you on
  • The opportunity to try BDSM play
  • Better foreplay and heightened arousal

Can both men and women use nipple clamps?

All genders can experiment with nipple types, and both can find them pleasurable. Women experience more nipple and breast sensitivity than men after puberty – so they’re more likely to indulge in nipple clamps. However, it’s crucial to remember they’re not a gendered toy. Anyone can use any clamp! Just make sure the material and intensity are suitable for your body. But more on that below.

Different types of nipple clamps

They all typically look the same, but there are some slight differences you’ll need to know before you check out. Like Cinderella, you must find the perfect pair for you!

Chain vs separate clamps

One of the critical factors you’ll notice is that some are two separate clamps, and others are attached to chains. The best beginner ones tend to be the separate pairs or the basic chain ones. However, the chained clamps offer a body-like jewellery look and sometimes come with additional collars or clitoris clamps – ideal for a kinky romp.


Most nipple clamps are made from stainless steel. However, you can also find plastic or rubber clamps.


Nearly all nipple clamps are adjustable. The main difference here is that some adjust via a screw mechanism, whereas others are tightened by moving a tab downwards. The latter are best for beginners, as they offer a pleasurable sensation without being too tight. If you want a proper pinch, opt for screw-on clamps. But note that these might be harder to remove.


Yup! You can also purchase vibrating nipple clamps. These are ideal for those with sensitive nipples, but they can also double as bullet vibrators for other sensitive spots.

Close-up of various sex toys and nipple clamps with a soft focus background; a visual accompaniment to an article introducing beginners to the world of nipple clamps, emphasising safety, exploration, and informed choices in sensual accessories

How do you know if nipple clamps are for you?

Are you curious but unsure if the purchase is worth your money? We’re here to help.

Firstly, budget clamps are available for affordable prices today, so you can experiment before splurging on an expensive pair. This is the best way to gauge whether this toy will take your loving to the next level.

However, you can also indulge in nipple play without clamps. This could include touching them during solo play or asking a partner to touch them or suck them. Experiment with fast touches, long squeezes, light pinching, and so on. Vary the speed and intensity to find out what you like.

If you own a vibrator, you may want to gently brush it over your nipples to find out if you like sex toy stimulation. There’s no right or wrong to experimenting!

Staying safe while using nipple clamps

Depending on the intensity of your clamps, you might need a safe word or to take it slowly while applying pressure. Don’t rush into tight clamps. Gradually explore so you can stop and take a pause if needed.

As always, you should be playing with a consensual partner. If you aren’t 100% keen, you don’t have to try them. Likewise, if your partner hasn’t given you enthusiastic consent, then you shouldn’t go ahead with nipple play.

The takeaway

Trying new things in the bedroom will always be exciting, especially if there’s the chance to unlock a new type of orgasm! Whether you’re a pro or nipple clamp newbie, we hope this article has helped you learn more.

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