Semi-naked man in bed with female feet in heels by his face

Fetish quiz: What sexual fetish do you secretly have?

Are you curious to try a sexual fetish? 

Many people want to exhilarate their sex life by exploring something new. 

But, not everyone knows where to start or what they would find particularly pleasurable.

For those that don’t know, a sexual fetish involves arousal from an inanimate object or a particular body part, such as feet or breasts.

If you’re not entirely sure what turns you on, don’t worry. 

You can take our fetish quiz below to find out what fetish most suits you.

Ready to take your vanilla sex life up a notch? Start the fetish quiz now.

Take our fetish quiz


Are you excited to try your newfound fetish?

Regardless of your results, you are not limited to what fetish you can try.

Believe it or not, there are lots of fetishes out there, and you can read up on all the different types of kinks to get an idea of other sexual interests.

If you’re interested to know what everyone else likes, Vivastreet conducted research revealing the UK’s most popular fetishes.

The research also discovered which fetishes are the most common across UK cities.


A UK map displaying the top sexual fetishes in various cities


Note: When practising any type of sexual fetish with a partner, make sure you always stick to your own limits and refrain from doing anything you feel uncomfortable with.


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We’d love you to share your results in the comments below.

Why not share it with others to find out what their sexual fetish is? Are you a sex worker keen to find out whether your client might have a kink? Try our quiz to find out now.

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