From Monday Blues to Weekend Highs: The most popular days and times to have sex in Britain revealed

  • Saturday is the most popular day for Brits to have sex 
  • Brits are least likely to have sex on a Tuesday, with less than 6% choosing it as their favourite day to get frisky
  • Sex at night is the overall winner with 27% of respondents choosing it as their favourite time to be in-between the sheets

Are you a lover of a Sunday morning lay-in with some spicy action, or is Friday night the one? To get a better understanding of Britain’s sex habits, Vivastreet surveyed nearly 5,000 Brits to discover the most popular days of the week and times of day to have sex.

Here’s what the data revealed about our bedroom habits.

When do Brits like to get down and dirty?

We all know that sex is one of life’s great pleasures. But have you ever wondered when and how us Brits like to get down and dirty? Well, wonder no more. It turns out that we’re a nation with some pretty specific preferences when it comes to sex. 

From previous research, we already know that us Brits are quite fond of doggy and that we particularly enjoy moaning in the bedroom, but what about our preferred day and time to have some under-the-covers fun? 

Whether it’s the thrill of a morning quickie, some afternoon delight, or a bit of steamy action at night, we all have our favourite times of day for a little bit of intimacy. And of course, factors like age, location and gender can all play a role in shaping our sexual habits. 

So, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty and find out when and where the Brits like to get busy.



Monday Blues? Not in the bedroom

Monday may be the most dreaded day of the week for many people, but it appears to be an excellent day for sex. According to our data, 1 in 10 Brits enjoys having sex on a Monday more than any other day. 42% of those who like to have sex on a Monday prefer to have it in the morning and James Taylor, a sexual health consultant and the founder of Adults Toy Guide, explains that “getting intimate before work helps to distract from that ‘Monday blues’ feeling” so people are ready to start the week on a high note. 



Sociologist and sexologist Sarah Melancon from Sex Toy Collective adds that “while Mondays are often viewed with dread, Monday sex may improve mood and make the week ahead seem brighter”. She also explains that a preference for Monday sex can be linked to one’s work schedule and “those who have Mondays off may view the day more like a weekend”.

“Unfortunately, we don’t have any detailed research on how sex at different days/times affects us physically or emotionally, but research suggests that the post-sex ‘afterglow’ lasts approximately 48 hours. Sex can yield both physical and emotional benefits of reduced stress, increased connection, and positive emotion, thus, Monday morning sex can make the beginning of the week much more pleasant.” – Sarah Melancon



Hump Day by name…

As the work week continues, people are starting to look ahead to the weekend. In the meantime, however, hump day provides a welcomed midweek break. Wednesdays have been dubbed as “hump day” for a reason, with 10% of people indicating that this is their favourite day of the week to have sex. According to Melancon, midweek sex can break up the monotony of the workweek and “bring a dash of fun to a time that can otherwise feel like you’re merely dragging your body along for the ride”. 

Those over 65 also seem to particularly enjoy hump day, as it was voted the second favourite day of the week to have sex by this age group. Melancon says that older people, and especially those who are retired, no longer associate weekends with partying like younger generations do. “Some may know from long-term experience that midweek sex is a nice ‘pick me up’ and have now solidified that as a preference.”



Feel good Friday

As the week draws to a close, people are looking to celebrate, and what better way to kick that off than with some Friday fun? According to our survey, Friday is the second most popular day of the week to have sex, with 24% of respondents indicating that this is their favourite day to get intimate. 34% of those chose Friday night to have sex and experts suggest that Friday sex can be particularly enjoyable as it is the start of the weekend, and people are typically more relaxed. 

Taylor explains that “‘Feel good Friday’ is actually a thing. Work is done for the week and it’s playtime. If there has been more sex than sleep on a Friday night, there is more time to recover, and you can start the weekend on a high.”

“Thank God it’s Friday!  For those who work or go to school, Friday night is a much-needed break.  Many people sleep in on the weekends, so we may stay up and have fun later, which also affords more time for sex.” – Sarah Melancon

Sexploring Saturday

Saturdays are typically associated with fun and adventure, and sex is no exception. According to our findings, 27% of Brits chose Saturday as their favourite day to have sex making it the most popular day of the week to sexplore, with sex experts suggesting that this may be because people have more time to explore and experiment on the weekends. With no work commitments for most, Saturdays provide the perfect opportunity to indulge in some erotic playtime.

Melancon says that since many adults have Saturdays off, it allows for more time for “recreational activities”, while Taylor adds that increased condom sales towards the end of the week is “enough evidence that sex is on the agenda”.



Sunday Funday

Sunday may traditionally be a day of rest, but that doesn’t seem to apply to all of us. According to our research, 15% of respondents name Sunday as their favourite day to have sex. Sex experts suggest that Sunday sex can be particularly enjoyable as it provides a sense of closure to the week and prepares individuals for the start of a new week. “Because of the 48-hour sex ‘afterglow’, Sunday sex can help individuals and couples feel more relaxed and positive at the beginning of the week,” says Melancon.

“Sex is great for distraction, and if the thoughts about work and stress are starting to creep in on a Sunday, then it’s the perfect excuse to get into bed. Lifting endorphins and boosting moods, can help to remove any dread or anxiety of the week ahead. Sex can also promote better quality sleep, which is perfect for the night before starting work again.” – James Taylor

Early bird or night owl?

When it comes to the best time of day to have sex, there are two camps: early birds and night owls. 

Our survey found that Brits tend to be both, with over 27% preferring to have sex at night and nearly 26% opting for morning sex.



Less than 1 in 10 Brits would like to have sex during lunch hours, especially on a Thursday and Sunday. Guess there’s no time for dessert after all…

Interestingly, there are differences between men’s and women’s preferences. Women are more likely to prefer sex at night than men, with over a third of women indicating that they prefer nighttime sex, while only 24% of men prefer nocturnal nookie. Men are more likely to opt for sex in the morning, with 27% choosing it as their favourite time of day to have sex, compared to only 18% of women.



Melancon explains this could be due to family demands making morning sex unappealing. “For many women, the context or situation surrounding the sex plays a major role in their arousal. Often, an emotional connection helps facilitate arousal, and in the evening, away from the morning rush, there can be more space for talking and spending time together, which may facilitate sexual interest in many women.”

“With testosterone levels being at their highest first thing in the morning for men, it’s no wonder they like to have sex when they wake up. Full of energy and ready to perform better and longer than if it were at nighttime,” says Taylor. “In both men and women, having had a rested night they wake up feeling energized and ready for more creative and experimental sex.”

He also adds: “It’s not uncommon that women feel less positive about themselves in the morning light and prefer being naked when the lights are low.”



Different age, different preferences?

Age also plays a role in determining the preferred time of day for sex. Younger age groups tend to prefer nighttime sex, with 38% of 18-24 year-olds and 32% of 25-34 year-olds preferring sex at night, compared to only 1 in 10 of those aged 55 and over

In contrast, older age groups prefer morning sex, with a third of those aged 55 and over indicating a preference for morning sex, compared to only 15% of 18-24 year-olds and 20% of 25-34 year-olds.



Dr Lori Beth Bisbey, a clinical psychologist and sex/intimacy coach, says that “the time preference seems to be related to peaks of libido as well as the shift in our body clock so we are waking earlier as we get older”. She further explains that older men may still have morning erections so could prefer morning sex to take advantage of it. Even men with psychogenic erectile dysfunction (e.g. more from psychological causes rather than physiological ones) may have predictable morning erections, making morning sex a good option. It’s therefore no surprise that nearly 72% of males over the age of 35 expressed a preference for morning sex.

Melancon agrees, stating that: “Testosterone levels and erectile function tend to decrease with age. Older couples may recognize that their best bet for penetrative sex is the morning, when a male partner’s erection will be strongest.”

She adds that research suggests that those over 65 are more likely to be morning people than night owls, possibly due to energy levels matching their circadian rhythm (a process that regulates the sleep-wake cycle) as they age. Younger people’s evening socialising may also affect their energy levels, which would explain why they are more likely to have sex at night time.

Taylor says that “it is more appealing to have nighttime sex if you are younger and not hindered by the tiredness age brings along” since young people’s better sleep quality and later bedtimes mean they can have sex at the end of a long day.

Saturday was the winner across the board for all age groups to have sex. That’s one way to enjoy the weekend…



Location, location, location

Location within the UK also apparently plays a role in determining preferences for days and times for sex. According to our findings, nearly a third of people in bigger cities, such as London, Birmingham, Belfast, and Cardiff are more likely to prefer sex at night than people in other regions of the UK

In contrast, a third of people in Brighton, Newcastle, Sheffield and York are more likely to prefer morning sex than people in other regions.



Taylor explains that bigger cities mean more opportunities for socialising. “These cities also tend to have universities and a higher volume of young people. These two factors combined result in more nighttime sex due to the increase in night owls versus older people that are in the suburbs or countryside and are tucked up in bed… Asleep.” 

So what is the perfect time for:

Morning sex

The survey found that 26% of Brits enjoy starting their day with intimacy. Interestingly, men are more likely to prefer morning sex than women; nearly 3 in 10 men chose morning as their preferred time, compared to less than 1 in 10 women. Melancon says that “as a generalisation, women tend to experience a sense of disgust more easily than men. Unshowered sex with morning breath may be more unappealing for women, while many men don’t care as much, though obviously exceptions apply”.

The most popular time for morning sex is 10am, while for early birds, 6am and 7am emerge as a close second. On the other hand, 11am is the least popular time for morning sex.



Lunchtime sex

According to our survey, lunchtime isn’t a popular time for sexual activity among Brits, with only 7% of respondents expressing a preference for this time of day

However, for those who do enjoy a midday romp, the most popular time for some lunchtime fun is 1pm, while 2pm appears to be the least favourite.



Afternoon sex

If you’re someone who enjoys a little afternoon delight, our survey found that 3pm is the most popular time for sexual activity for nearly half of the respondents enjoying afternoon sex. On the other hand, only 9% selected 6pm as their preferred time for afternoon sex, making it the least popular.



Evening sex

As the day progresses, more people seem to be in the mood, as nearly a quarter of respondents expressed a preference for having sex in the evening. 

Specifically, the period from 8pm to 9pm seems as the most popular time slot for evening sexual activity, with almost half of those surveyed indicating a likelihood of sharing an intimate moment or two during that time.

On the other hand, Brits are least likely to have sex around 11pm with only 1 in 10 choosing it as their preferred time to have sex.



Night sex

When it comes to nighttime activities, sex is a popular choice for many Brits. Over 27% of respondents indicated that they prefer to have sex at night, making it the most popular time of day to get down to it. Specifically, midnight emerges as the most popular time slot for intimacy, with 60% of nighttime lovers opting for this hour.

In contrast, 4am appears to be the least favoured time for sexual activity overall, with only 3% of respondents selecting it as their preferred time for some bedroom adventure.



Regardless of when you choose to engage in some bedroom adventure, sex is a fun and beneficial activity for our minds and bodies either way.

Want to boost your mood and health? Have more sex!

It’s clear that the Brits love to spice up their lives with some intimate moments. From early-morning romps to weekend getaways, there’s no shortage of favourite days and times to have sex in the UK. Whether you’re a morning person, a night owl, or a weekend adventurer, there’s something for everyone. Regardless of the day, regular sexual activity can provide physical and emotional benefits, leading to happier and healthier relationships.

According to Melancon, regular sexual activity helps with a variety of things, such as

  • maintaining the physical health of the genitalia
  • reducing the risk of genitourinary syndrome of menopause (vaginal atrophy) and prostate cancer
  • improving bonding and intimacy between partners
  • stress reduction and mood improvement
  • better sleep
  • improvement of the function of the immune system
  • increasing testosterone both in men and women. 

So go forth and explore the vast and exciting world of British intimacy, and who knows? You might just discover your own new favourite day and time to get frisky. 

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