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The best adult and sex podcasts

With more and more of us turning to podcasts as a form of light relief, almost everyone has their favourite.

When it comes to sex-related topics, finding an adult podcast that caters to you and your needs has never been easier.

Many of us turn to these podcasts to access sex advice, information, and of course, entertainment.

Not only do such podcasts offer some of the best content that we can apply to our own lives, but can also allow us to open up about specific sex topics that may be too taboo to discuss publicly.


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Where can I access podcasts?

One of the most significant advantages of podcasts is their accessibility. 

With the ability to download podcasts directly to our phones and tablets, these are the ideal companions for when we’re out and about.

You can gain access to most with ease through the Apple Store, Spotify, Google Play, and various websites. Best of all, there are numerous categories of podcasts that cater to a range of different preferences. 

From sexual wellbeing and advice podcasts to more niche ones with specialised content for specific communities, such as those working in the adult industry, BDSM, and LGBT+, there is a podcast for everyone.


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Vivastreet’s Choice for Best Adult / Sex Podcasts

Whether you’re looking for tips, funny, educational or downright smutty sex audio, here is a list of our favourite sex podcasts. 


My Dad Wrote a Porno podcastMy Dad Wrote a Porno

The highly acclaimed podcast, My Dad Wrote a Porno boasts an award-winning comedy cast, each reading one chapter per week. Funny and deliciously filthy, the book it’s based on is an erotic literature-type written by a dad in retirement. It’s a fantastic podcast to lift your spirits while putting a smile on your face.




Quinn podcastQuinn

Claimed to be the internet’s best-kept secret, Quinn is an inspiring podcast that the makers bill as a porn site without the visuals. Featuring a large selection of written and audio erotica, all sound effects are included for maximum impact. There are even opportunities for you to submit your very own stories.




This Is Uncomfortable podcastThis is Uncomfortable

An adult-related podcast, This is Uncomfortable dives into the nitty-gritty and reality of real life. Offering weekly sessions on what it means to be an adult, the podcast mainly discusses how money is the most significant factor that affects all areas of our lives. This is especially so when it comes to relationships.




Sex with Strangers podcastSex with Strangers

Offering a broader perspective on sex, Sex with Strangers goes international, discussing how people respond to sex worldwide. With topics such as sex work, sex and disability, and sex with strippers, this documents the many conversations had with strangers about sex. Here is a podcast that makes for an informative, entertaining, and often-hilarious kind of show.




Adult Film Star Network podcastAdult Film Star Network

For a most sexually explicit  podcast and one that certainly doesn’t shy away from any sexual topic, Adult Film Star Network is a great choice. With no subject or topic left untouched, this podcast uses its many adult industry and film star network connections. This brings the listener a hefty dose of realism while telling it like it is through a weekly podcast.




Savage Lovecast podcastSavage Lovecast

With both love and sex advice offered by one of America’s sweethearts, Dan Savage provides a slightly different podcast type here. Savage Lovecast covers more of the practical issues addressed by sex and relationship problems. Famed for his realistic attitude, Dan is a sex-advice columnist and prolific writer of many a helpful adult book and an active advocate for gay rights.




The Whorecast with Siouxsie QThe Whorecast with Siouxsie Q

Lead by journalist and indeed pornographic actress Siouxsie Q, The Whorecast shines a light on the reality of the sex industry in today’s America. An open and often-controversial podcast yet one that highlights investigative topics such as legalisation for the sex community.





Off the Cuffs podcastOff the Cuffs

A more specialised podcast type, Off the Cuffs, is the place for those with a keen interest in kink and BDSM. With humble beginnings at a kitchen table, the podcast has now grown to a worldwide community. It features one new episode released every week, where the hosts cover the entire spectrum of fetish mania.




'Is This Adulting?' podcastIs This Adulting?

Claimed to be one of the best podcasts that approach mental health issues with a much-needed dose of comedy, Is This Adulting offers a touch of solace. Discussing all subjects that affect our mental health, playing games, and welcoming regular guests, this weekly podcast is an instant uplift for many listeners.




Guys We Fucked podcastGuys We F****d

Billed as the anti-slut-shaming podcast, Guys We F****d is a revolution in the sex podcast industry. Featuring a comedy duo of two women presenters, the idea here is to create a more sex-positive place, while offering the most detailed of accounts in the process.





The Manwhore PodcastThe Manwhore Podcast

With a male comedian taking the lead on this podcast, each week, listeners are taken on the funniest but ultimately sex-positive quests. Unpacking those most sought-after topics, The Manwhore Podcast features subjects from oral sex techniques to the art of lap dancing and the reality of public sex.



Benefits of listening to podcasts

Adult and sex podcasts can be as informative, funny, imaginative, or as realistic as you like. With the topic of sex becoming more mainstream and open within wider society, it is perhaps no surprise that many podcasts have a huge following and continue to grow in popularity. 

Above all else, sex podcasts allow you to listen to adult subjects and conversations, which can not only be insightful and educational, but can help you feel more comfortable to openly talk about sex, while having access to others who are willing to do the same. 

Whether you’re searching for advice, looking to unwind with some cheeky adult radio porn, or simply want to feel less isolated with your thoughts; in 2020 you can be assured there’s an adult/ sex podcast somewhere that’s perfect for you.

Happy listening.

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