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Sexual objectification: How to satisfy an objectification fetish

There are many ways for couples or individuals to explore BDSM. And one common type of kink that people incorporate in their BDSM play is sexual objectification. While it may sound unique to people who have never heard it, it can be a fun and adventurous way to explore your sexual desires and fantasies.

As the name suggests, sexual objectification deals with treating your partner solely as a sexual object. But as you might guess, things can get a bit more complicated than that.

Couples and individuals practice sexual objectification in different ways, and there’s a lot you need to know about the act before trying it yourself. In this article, we’ll talk all about sexual objectification, what it is, and how you can satisfy this fetish.

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What is sexual objectification?

Sexual objectification is the act of treating someone or being treated solely as a sexual object. However, keep in mind that this is different from the general objectification of other people. Like any other BDSM act, sexual objectification needs to be consensual.

During sexual objectification and humiliation play, both parties have consented to the characters and roles they are playing. So, this fetish is about playing different roles with your partner or partners and not about objectifying other people whom you are sexually attracted to.

Remember, you can believe in equality and be a feminist while also practising sexual objectification. It’s important to differentiate the roles you play in the bedroom with your partner and the way you interact with people in real life, especially when exploring sexual objectification.

That said, sexual objectification doesn’t even need to be part of BDSM play. While there are many people who practice objectification in a D/s setting, this isn’t always the case. Like all fantasies and kinks, couples and individuals can explore the act in any way they want, so long as all parties consent.


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Is objectification a fetish and why are people into it?

Sexual objectification can be seen as a fetish. But considering the direction in which people’s views are moving nowadays, it may not seem like something that fits into modern societal norms. And while treating people as objects without consent is unhealthy and unsafe behaviour, doing so in a consensual setup can be a whole lot of fun.

The way objectification can change the dynamic in the bedroom can be very satisfying for some people. While the objectified person in this situation is usually the person being penetrated, the roles can always be reversed.

During sexual objectification play, the person playing the dominant role has full control over their partner. Of course, there are still boundaries and safewords to consider like in any play. However, unless the submissive calls out a safeword, the dominant roleplayer has full control.

This can bring a lot of satisfaction to both parties. For some people being treated like an object during sexual activities can be a lot of fun. It’s similar to other types of humiliation in the bedroom and can be used to spice up any sex life.

But again, objectification is only healthy and pleasurable if both parties are into it. So, before trying it out in the bedroom, make sure to have a comprehensive conversation with your partner. That way, you understand each other’s boundaries and expectations before going into the sex act.

What does sexual objectification have to do with degradation and humiliation?

One of the things attracting people to sexual objectification the most is the humiliation and degradation aspect. For most people, being treated like a sexual object and being stripped of your humanity to satisfy your partner’s sexual needs can be very arousing. An object has no wants or sexual needs, which is similar to the dynamics during degradation and humiliation play.

During sexual objectification, degradation and humiliation are some of the key emotions present. There is a major shift in the power dynamic in the bedroom during objectification play, which can really spice things up if both parties are interested in the fantasy.

Examples of sexual objectification

The most common way people practise sexual objectification is through bimbofication. During this type of roleplaying, one person takes on the role of a sex slave or sex object. Their partner will then be able to do whatever they want to the other person (according to the boundaries discussed beforehand).

Sexual objectification can also involve one person acting as a sex toy. During this type of play, the other person’s sexual desires are put aside, and only one person’s desires are prioritised. This sex act has to do a lot with people playing different roles, which is very important to remember. Some may want to play with the brat/brat tamer dynamic until they “break” the brat into acting as a sex toy.

You can also try out objectification by saying certain phrases during sex that “objectify” your partner. You can do this by calling the other party degrading nicknames such as:

  • Wimp
  • Sissy
  • Slut
  • Cuckold
  • Pig
  • Baby
  • Bitch

How do you satisfy an objectification fetish?

If your partner has a sexual objectification fetish, it’s always best to have a proper conversation beforehand. If you’re willing to try out the fantasy, you need to start by talking about boundaries and establishing a safe word that both parties should respect at all times.

From there, you can try out different roles in the bedroom. Again, a good place to start is with a sex slave role wherein the other person’s sole purpose is to satisfy their partner’s sexual desires. Then, after trying it out, both you and your partner practise aftercare by discussing things you liked or didn’t like and then float ideas or ways to further explore the fetish in later scenarios.


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How to satisfy a client’s objectification fetish?

If you’re a sex worker and a client has an objectification fetish, it can go both ways. Some people want to treat their partner as an object, while others want to be treated like an object themselves. But regardless of which roles you will play, it should all start with a conversation.

It’s best to start slow with new clients and objectification fetishes. Remember that you can always say no to a person’s objectification fetish and you are in no way obliged to say yes to their needs.


Sexual objectification is a consensual act that deals with treating your partner like a sexual object. This goes hand in hand with BDSM’s humiliation and degradation and can be a great way to spice up your sex life. But before trying it out yourself, always make sure that you and your partner are on the same page and that you clearly set all boundaries. 

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