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Does your client have a degradation kink? Here’s what you need to know

Degradation can be a fun way to spice up your sex life, and that is undeniable – if you’re into it. However, as an escort, things can change massively when it comes to receiving clients who are into degradation.

Obviously, communication is key. You need to be comfortable with the level of degradation involved and set proper boundaries before meeting up. Start small, and work your way up if needed.

This is your ultimate guide to degradation kink for escorts.

What is a degradation kink?

A degradation kink is when one partner derives sexual pleasure from degrading the other partner. This can involve anything from verbal abuse to physical degradation, and it can be a way for couples to explore their dark desires safely and consensually.

While it may not be for everyone, those who are into degradation kinks often find that it takes their sex life to new and unexpected places. It can be a way to break out of routine and add some spice to their intimacy, and it can also be a way to deepen the bond between both partners.

When it comes to escorting, clients may reach out to the escort for different reasons, which most commonly is that they’re unable to experience it with their partner.

Difference between a humiliation kink and a degradation kink

There’s a difference between humiliation and degradation that is worth noting. A humiliation kink is about making a partner feel smaller or powerless compared to the other person. Whether it’s being made to kneel before them or being told how worthless they are.

Degradation, on the other hand, is about making the partner feel dirty. It could be doing things that are beneath you or which go against your beliefs. For instance, verbal degradation is about insulting them, while physical degradation could force them to eat their fluids.

Why do people enjoy degradation?

For some people, the appeal lies in letting go of all their inhibitions and embracing their dirty side.

Some may enjoy being called names, being told what to do, or being made to feel like an object. For others, the appeal lies in the power dynamic involved. They may enjoy feeling dominant and in control or get a thrill from seeing their partner submit to them.


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Types of degradation

Before you accept a client with a degradation kink, you should know the different types of degradation kink. This is important as it adds a layer of protection and you will know what to expect.

Let’s go through the four types of degradation kinks that clients may have:

Physical degradation

Physical degradation is the most common type of degradation people can experience, clients included. While it is the most exciting, in some cases it can also be the most extreme form of degradation. Of course, each client is different and will find their own level of comfort and satisfaction, hence requesting different acts.

The most common examples of physical degradation clients may ask for are:

It goes without saying that there is something about ejaculating on the partner that makes the dominant side feel empowered.

In addition, physical degradation can also be about pain. Your role as an escort is to make sure beforehand that this will be consensual and moderate pain. Some common examples are spanking their butt (or being spanked), slapping their cheek or getting slapped, squeezing their neck, or them squeezing yours and whipping.

In simple words, it’s about “teaching” some discipline or punishing the other partner just because you can. However, clients could be either dominant or submissive depending on their kink.

Some general guidelines are necessary as an escort to protect you and your client, and we will go through them in the next section.

Verbal degradation

Talking dirty during sex is hot. Period. And even if you aren’t into degradation yourself, verbal degradation can be a massive turn on. And it’s not just men who love it – many women find it a huge exciting factor, too.

So what exactly is verbal degradation?

It’s basically using derogatory or demeaning language during sex. This can include name-calling, insulting comments such as “ugly” or “dumb”, or even harsh words like “b**ch”. Of course, this type of talk should only be used in the context of a consensual and enthusiastic sexual encounter.

Mocking the other partner can also be exciting for the other party, like mimicking their accent, talk copying, or bullying their appearance.

Just like other types of degradation, clients may request to be called names or insulted or do it to you.

When done right, it can take the date to new and thrilling levels. But it’s important to talk about it before meeting up if you aren’t into it or if verbal humiliation bothers you.

Sexual degradation

The next kink that any client could request is sexual degradation. Whether it’s dirty talk, roleplaying, or even light bondage, introducing a little bit of degradation is not as big a deal as physical degradation.

Sexual degradation could be phrases or humiliating sentences they would say to you or vice versa, for instance:

  • “That’s all you can do?”
  • “Are you even hard?”
  • “Other guys would die to f**k me; you can’t do better?”
  • “Are you inside? I can’t feel anything.”
  • “No wonder you come to me; no one wants you.”

It’s important to ensure your client is comfortable with receiving specific words to avoid any potential alteration. Remember, it’s all about enjoying the moment and not losing control.

Some clients could request you to play the dominant side and force them to do things, such as forcing them to masturbate or watching porn. This is seen as ruining their dignity since you’d be telling them to watch porn and learn how to have sex rather than actually having it.

Public degradation

If you’ve ever had sex in public, you know there’s something unique about the risk of getting caught. The knowledge that you could be seen at any moment adds extra excitement to the experience.

And for clients who enjoy a little public degradation, there are few things more erotic than having sex in front of an audience. In that case, public degradation could mean going out in town to meet your client rather than meeting at your or their place.

Public degradation could be forcing your client (or being forced) to do certain acts in public – wearing something weird or being publicly degraded are only two examples.

For the first scenario, this could mean wearing a kids’ costume, shaving their eyebrows, wearing clown or ugly makeup, or even clothing like bikinis. That’s right, some of these are pretty uncommon, but that’s all part of public degradation.

And for the latter, some clients could ask you to force them to create cringy videos, post ugly photos online, or stream a live video where you would dominate them.

Of course, there are endless types and acts of public degradation, and these are only the most common.


man holding woman's hands in handcuffs behind her back

How to engage in degradation play if your client is the degradee

If you have a client who enjoys being degraded, you can play up this fantasy in several ways.

First, you can use degrading and humiliating language. Calling your client names, telling them they’re worthless, and making them beg for your attention are all great ways to get them aroused.

You can also physically degrade them by slapping, spitting, or pulling their hair, but always make sure to ask about their limits before starting. If you see them getting uncomfortable or unhappy, then back off and try something else. The key is to make sure you are doing what they want and that they are enjoying it.

Many people enjoy being degraded during sex. They love hearing words like “sl**t” and get off being told they’re worthless.

Second, be consistent with your degradation. Third, make sure your body language matches your words. Once you start calling your client a sl**t, don’t stop until the session is over – this is what they want. Look your client in the eye and sneer at him as you call him names.

Lastly, as highlighted several times, make sure you know their boundaries and set your own before meeting up. If you do it well, you may even turn them into regular clients.

How to engage in degradation play if your client is the degrader

If you find yourself in a situation where the client enjoys degrading you, there are a few things you can do to make the experience more enjoyable.

First, remember that you are in control. You can choose to play along or not, and you can always end the session if it becomes too much.

Second, try to get into the mindset of enjoying being degraded. It can be a turn on and fun to explore your submissive side.

Third, agree and always use a safeword. If the client is crossing a line, don’t be afraid to speak up and put an end to it.

The escort is always the one in charge, and you deserve to enjoy the experience just as much as the client does.

Degradation and other kinks

Degradation is often connected with praise kink and can actually be quite intertwined. For some people, the turn on is in the degradation itself and the belittling of their worth as a person. For others, it’s the praise that comes after the degradation.

The knowledge that, despite being treated like dirt, they are still desired and wanted by their partner, makes them go crazy. Either way, both kinks usually involve some form of power exchange, with one person assuming the dominant role and the other taking on a submissive role.

On top of that, degradation falls under the same umbrella as BDSM. When most people think of BDSM, they think of spanking and handcuffing, but there is so much more to it.

Degradation involves treating someone in a way that is demeaning or humiliating, often through verbal abuse or having them perform tasks that are beneath their dignity. While it might sound cruel, degradation can be an incredibly erotic and empowering experience for both partners.

So when a client is into degradation or humiliation, they could be into BDSM as well. When done consensually and with respect, it can help to deepen the bond between two people and create an intense sexual connection, despite being a client.


We hope this has helped some of you out there who may wonder how to handle a client with a degradation kink.

Of course, these were the most important elements to consider and the most common examples of degradation you can encounter. But each client is different, so use these tips for all kinks and get ready to have some different kinds of fun.

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