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What really is adultwork? The changing face of the industry

Sex work is one of the oldest industries to date. The earliest record of it dates back to 2500 BC, making it the oldest profession ever recorded. But while adultwork has been around for so long, it remains one of the most misunderstood and attacked industries.

Times are changing, and so is the industry. Nowadays, sex workers are pushing for more rights, protections, and basic recognition that they are professionals. In the words of Tamika Spellman, “Everybody has sex; the only difference with sex workers is that they are paid for it”.

With that said, the sex work industry is far from simple. In fact, understanding what adultwork is and the differences between the different types of sex workers is very hard, even with the internet.

But we’re here to change that.

Today, we’re getting into the details of modern sex work, how the industry is changing, and the different types of sex workers you might find today.

What is adultwork?

Before anything else, we need to discuss what sex work is. Basically, sex workers are professionals who offer sexual services for money. These are all consensual services and cover a vast array of offerings.

Some sex workers will perform sexual acts on clients for a fee. However, there are also sex workers who specialize in making or performing in pornographic films. Strippers are also classified as sex workers, making the sex worker industry very broad.

The thing about adultwork is that everyone has their own opinions on what sex work is and what it isn’t. However, the thing that most people agree on is the fact that sex workers are professionals at what they do, which is why they charge for their services.

Sex work is very different from sex trafficking, though it isn’t uncommon for people to mistake the two for one another. Sex workers want to do their job and offer sexual services. However, many people are also forced into sex work, and that’s what sex trafficking is. Knowing the difference is crucial, especially for people who plan to hire adult workers.

Sex work: An ever-changing industry

Sex work today is not the same as it was a couple of decades ago. In fact, ever since the dawn of adultwork, the industry has changed. People’s perceptions and acceptance of sex work have changed a lot over time, but that isn’t the only part of the industry that has changed.

Humans need sex. It’s a fundamental part of their lives. So, it should come as no surprise that with every technological advancement, there’s a line of adultwork that can open up because of it. So, the types of sex services and sex workers available nowadays are broader than ever before.

This is primarily because of the internet. Due to the internet, it’s much easier for people to find a service for their individual needs and desires. For example, many adult workers on the internet specialise in certain fetishes and can do private shows or chat with paying clients over the internet through websites like OnlyFans.

The sex work industry has been changing for a long time, and there are no signs of it stopping. However, even if sex work has been around for ages and has evolved along with us, it’s still very stigmatised in modern society.

This makes it harder for sex workers to get the rights and protections that people in other professions automatically have. There has been a movement to change people’s perceptions of sex workers. These distinguished professionals work hard to offer their services and deserve recognition.

There is a stigma against sex work, even though we live in a modern and open society. And one of the ways to curb the negative views on sex work is to learn more about the industry. There are tons of myths about sex workers, and once you debunk them, you can get a clearer idea of what sex workers do and how hard their job is.dominant erotic woman adultworker calling by phone in bed, holding handcuffs, BDSM

Different types of adultwork

Sex workers are people who offer sexual services for a professional fee. However, not all sex workers are the same. Some sex workers offer sex, some can satisfy specific fetishes, while others only provide their services digitally and over the internet.

So, to give you a better understanding of the industry, here are the main types of different sex work and the services that come with it:

Escort services

Escorts may be one of the most well-known sex workers in the industry. In fact, there are many people that make the mistake of thinking the escort industry encompasses the entire sex work industry. However, escorts only make up a part of the industry, albeit they are one of the most popular sex work services available.

Escorts charge a fee for their companionship. This could be as a date to an event or just as a companion for an evening. Normally, escorts have a set of professional hours, which is the only time they may offer their services or the only times they are available.

This service is usually contractual, with both parties agreeing on a set time to meet and hang out with the escort and a fee for the services. Typically, escorts provide non-sexual accompaniment for clients.


Another area of the adultwork industry that’s fairly well-known is the pornography industry. Sex work doesn’t just refer to people who perform sexual acts on clients. People who film themselves in sexual and erotic activities that are then shared with people who want to watch are also sex workers.

The current porn industry is vast. Nowadays, there are amateur pornographers who are very popular as the internet makes it easy for people to start releasing their own porn. Because of the internet, people can search for specific pornography that fits their particular preferences and styles, which has opened up doors for many sex workers.

Cam girls

While cam girls may seem similar to porn stars, they are very different. People who perform in traditional pornography setups usually record their content, edit it, and then publish it. Cam girls, on the other hand, usually perform live shows over the internet for paying clients.

The reason cam girls are so popular is that they can meet different niches and fetishes. Some cam girls specialize in foot content, solo performances, JOI videos, and many more. Just like pornography, the internet has made it much easier for camgirls to get their content to the right audience.

Phone sex operators

Before the internet, phone sex was one of the new innovations in the sex work industry. Phone sex operators are people who have erotic conversations with clients over the phone. These workers play a huge role in the sex work industry and have become one of the most popular sex services available.

Rates can vary with phone sex operators depending on the type of conversation clients want. And just like with cam girls and other sex workers, there are phone sex operators that specialize in different fetishes. Some people can give the girlfriend experience, talk dirty over the phone, or just have regular conversations for a price.


These are one of the many different types of sex workers that work within a specific fetish. A dominatrix participates in BDSM activities and acts as the dominant person in the partnership. The unique quality of dominatrices is that they understand how clients want to be treated to satisfy their sexual needs. So, a dominatrix may inflict consensual physical pain on their clients through spanking and other BDSM acts. Or, they can also participate in erotic humiliation of the client, which opens the doors to a unique experience.

With that said, there are many sex workers out there who specialise in different fetishes. With the internet, it’s much easier to find sex workers who work within specific niches that may be able to offer a service like no other. 

Selling items online

This is one of the lesser-known areas of the sex work industry. However, this is a booming and growing industry. People who work in this area of the industry will sell different items of a sexual nature to clients and customers online.

An example is people selling pictures of their feet or other parts of their bodies. These professionals usually work within a specific kink or fetish, selling items to people who are into the fetish.

The items aren’t just photos, either. For example, there’s a pretty wide market for people selling their used underwear to clients. Additionally, sex workers can also sell used shoes, socks, and similar items to paying customers.girl posing in front of a web camera, working as a sexual model adultwork

Misconceptions about sex work

There are many misconceptions about sex workers and the sex work industry as a whole. However, one of the biggest misconceptions is when people believe that sex work and sex trafficking are the same thing, but they aren’t.

Sex workers are consensually working in this industry. They offer their services for a fee and choose which clients to service. Sex trafficking involves forcing people into the industry, and while it is prevalent, it’s very different from modern consensual sex work. There are some people who offer sex for money that are forced into their situation, but there are many others that aren’t and willingly enter this industry themselves.

Another misconception is that all sex workers are women. This is far from the truth. Sex work encompasses all genders, fetishes, and niches. So, while it may seem like most sex workers out there are women, that isn’t the reality on the ground.

The takeaway

The sex work industry is vast and constantly growing, so it’s time for a shift in perspective. Modern sex workers take pride in their job and are good at what they do. And nowadays, sex workers have access to a much wider network through the internet.

As sex work grows more popular, it’s important for people’s perceptions of adultwork to change and evolve as well. It may take time, but as long as people are making an effort to understand what sex work is, the closer we get to a proper shift in perspective.

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