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What is a rim job? Things you need to know before you get stuck in

While anal play is a popular sexual preference, many don’t know about rimming or how to give the best rim job. Sadly, many are still in the dark about this common act, and the internet lacks reliable information on the subject. But we’re here to change that. 

It’s not just the meaning of a rim job that’s unknown to many. It’s also popular rimming positions, whether both genders enjoy this play, and how to prepare for a fun night. If you’re curious about exploring rim jobs, keep reading. We’ve researched all the information you need to enjoy rimming in the bedroom. 

What is a rim job?

So, what is the meaning of a rim job? 

Rimming describes oral sex on the anus. Like cunnilingus or a blow job, a rim job includes teasing and satisfying your partner with your tongue in and around their bottom. Whether you’re interested in developing your oral sex game or exploring new sensations, this exciting act could be on the cards for you. 

Why does rimming feel so good?

Many sexually active adults don’t explore anal play or rimming due to a lack of knowledge. This is a shame; like the genitals, the anus has many nerve endings and sensitive spots. With the right partner, a comfortable atmosphere, and some preparation, rim jobs can be just as enjoyable (if not more) than oral sex. 

The pleasure from a rim job can be taken to the next level too. Many dabble with different lubes and creams to add a cool sensation, stimulating even more nerve endings. It’s also popular to add a finger or the tip of a tongue into the anus. This is also a great way to prepare yourself if anal penetration is your goal. Start slow and continue with anything that feels good.

Some also argue that the ‘taboo’ around anal play makes it even more exciting. As humans, we’re often turned on by forbidden acts. So, if you want to feel extra naughty, add rim jobs to your list.

How to tell your partner you want to try rimming

Have you been curious about rimming for a while? If you’ve noticed that you’re gravitating to rim jobs in porn, you might want to try this activity in real life. But, how do you involve your partner? Asking your partner to dabble in rimming might be scary, especially if you’ve never explored anal play. 

Here are the best tips for asking your partner to participate.

  • Take a deep breath and just say it. The lack of knowledge and open conversation around anal play keeps many of us from actually expressing our desires. But, this taboo act is more popular than you may expect. If you trust your partner, the best way to tell them is to sit down and be honest – they’re more likely to be up for it than you’ll expect. 
  • Discuss what you want beforehand, and ask what they want to get out of the experience. When trying something new, you need to communicate well!
  • Explain that there’s no pressure. While your partner might be up for trying rimming, make sure they’re okay to stop at any time.

Exploring different sex acts is fun, but you might not have the best time without clear communication. Sit down and talk it out first.


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How to prepare for a rim job

We’ll just say it – you shouldn’t go into a rimming situation without preparation. Like all anal play, there are a few steps you need to take beforehand to ensure the play is clean and fun. Anal play can be amazing, but you can avoid any mess by taking the time to get ready – and here’s how.

  • Wash thoroughly. Sometimes anal play can be messy, and this is natural. However, you can eliminate any risks by washing thoroughly before playing. Hop into the shower and wash around your anus before the bedroom.
  • Wipes can be your best friend but can also irritate your skin. Opt for a non-allergenic and non-scented pack if you have sensitive skin.
  • You could also try douching, which clears the inside of your anus. Many beginners feel more comfortable once they’ve douched, as this is a sure-fire method to avoid mishaps. This is important if you plan to move on to anal penetration.
  • Take your time when preparing. Rushing the clean-up might lead to a messy session.
  • Stock up on lubes. Lube is anal play’s best friend. Flavoured lubes can heighten the experience for both parties, even if you’re only exploring oral play. 

How to give a rim job

Now you’re ready to go, but how do you give the best rim job and rock your partner’s world?

Firstly, if you haven’t already, discuss your boundaries. Are you okay with finger penetration? Or would you like to stick to tongue-only action? Communication is key.

When giving a rim job, make sure you remove any makeup. This won’t apply to everyone, but makeup can irritate the skin – and that’s the last thing you want in this pleasurable experience. 

Next, start slow and begin teasing areas around the anus. Kiss and lick your partner’s thighs, butt, and genitalia. Some prefer to indulge in oral sex before a rim job as foreplay, but this isn’t required if both parties are ready to dive straight in.

After some foreplay and build-up, it’s time to dive in. Common rimming positions include standing up or laying down, so make sure your partner is comfortable. Begin to kiss and lick around their anus with varying degrees of pressure. Switch between different speeds and pressure to see which feels best.

Like other sexual acts, keep communicating throughout the experience. Read your partner’s body language. If their moans pick up – continue doing what feels good. It’s all about good feeling here.

What to do when receiving a rim job

If you’re on the receiving end of the rim job, you might be unsure about how to act when the play begins. Many first-timers feel awkward, but there are some steps you can take to ease into the pleasure.

Try out different rimming positions to ensure you’re comfortable throughout the play. It’s also advisable to start with genital play first, allowing you to get relaxed and aroused before jumping into new territory. 

Of course, if you feel uncomfortable at any point, tell your partner. It’s all about your enjoyment, so speak up if it doesn’t feel right.

Popular rimming techniques

From rimming positions to sex tips for the best rim job, there are tried and tested techniques you can use to elevate your experience. 

  • Add specialized rimming lube to your session. Lube comes in all flavours, colours, and textures. But did you know there’s rimming-specific lube? These options are water-based and tasty to improve your experience.
  • Use more than your tongue. Though the tongue is integral to a rim job, you can also stroke around the anus with your fingers. This is a great way to vary the sensation and pleasure.
  • Change up your licks. Don’t just poke the anus with your tongue; long strokes, circular motions, and flat strokes can make the experience feel amazing. 
  • Use your breath. It might sound strange, but the feeling of hot breath will drive your partner crazy. Take breaks between licking and caressing and add breath play to the experience.
  • Include the genitals in the experience. A rim job doesn’t have to be anal-only! Caressing your partner’s genitalia at the same time will heighten the pleasure. A male rim job often feels even better with a hand job simultaneously. 

Can you add toys to a rim job?

A common question about rim jobs is whether you can add toys into the play. Of course, you can! 

Whether you’re a frequent toy user or not, these accessories can add some variety to your sex life. Popular ways to introduce toys into rimming include using a bullet vibrator around your partner’s anus, rimming while a butt plug is in, or adding anal beads are present. 

Toys offer hundreds of creative options. Just remember to take it slow and ask your partner for consent before starting.

Is rimming safe?

If anal play is a new frontier for you, you may have worries about safety. However, with good research and a trusting partner, rim jobs aren’t only safe but also pleasurable.

To make sure you have a safe experience, don’t rush into the act. Your anus is sensitive, and harsh movement can cause irritation or pain. Use plenty of lube and slow movements to ease into the act. It’s also advisable to avoid lubes with harsh ingredients as these can cause skin reactions.

Though you might want to explore penetration in the heat of the moment, don’t continue until you’re warmed up. Penetration without preparation can cause pain, and that’s the last thing we want. 

Can you get an STD from rimming?

Like all sexual acts, there is a possibility of STDs when rimming. Any oral sex comes with a sexually transmitted disease risk, so make sure you’re playing with a recently tested partner. 

Though many STDs can be cured with a quick run of antibiotics, it’s best to prevent them from the offset. Make sure you regularly test, know the status of your partner, and use condoms for any penetrative play. 


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Ready to get stuck in?

The world of rim jobs is exciting and waiting for you to join. Rimming is a great way to explore new sensations for both men and women, so don’t be scared to jump in. With good preparation and communication, you’ll be a pro in no time. You’re good to go if both adult partners consent to the act. 

Have you ever explored rim jobs? What was your rimming experience like? Let us know in the comments!

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