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What is a spit kink and is it your thing?

What is a spit kink, and why is it so hot?

We’re getting into all of that and more in this article. If you’re interested in spit kink and want to learn more about it, you’ve come to the right place.

Today, we aren’t just talking about what spit kink is, but we’re also getting into how you can do it safely and how to bring it up in a discussion with your partner.

What is a spit kink?

Spit kink is basically when a person is aroused by spitting on someone else or getting spat on. While it might sound similar to a saliva fetish, it’s very different. Saliva fetish focuses on the look and feel of saliva, while spit fetish emphasises the act of spitting on someone.

The thing about spit kink is that it isn’t about the saliva itself. Spit and saliva are inherently erotic and similar to fluids that get someone wet during sex. However, spit kink is more about the humiliation aspect rather than the spit.

While it might sound dirty at first, spit kink can be very hot.

What is spit kink about?

Spit kink usually goes hand in hand with dominant and submissive roles. A certain degree of humiliation comes with being spat on, which can intensify the roles and get people in the mood.

The sensation of being spat on is similar to getting a cumshot to the face, which is why many people enjoy it. Aside from that, spit play is also very intimate. Think of it as making out but with more fluids involved.

If you look at the bigger picture, spit play is very similar to penetrative sex. During spit play, a part of the other person goes inside of you, which is very hot and intimate.

Many people enjoy playing the submissive role. And spit kink can go hand in hand with that as the person can be tied up and spat on without being able to do anything about it. This highlights the power dynamic while providing a sexy sensation to the person being spat on.

Why do subs enjoy being spat on?

Getting spat on is humiliating, which many people find hot. Remember, the whole kink revolves around consensual degradation, so the person being humiliated doesn’t just sign off on it, but they actually enjoy it.

We already discussed that spit feels similar to cum, which is one reason people spit on each other during sex. However, another aspect is that your partner has complete control over you and is doing whatever they want. Again, this is all talked about beforehand, and putting your full trust in your partner can be really hot.


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Why do doms enjoy spitting on their partner?

To start, spitting is a dominant practice. There aren’t many more things you can do in the bedroom that show that “you’re on top” than spitting on your partner. And if your partner is wearing makeup and you get to see how your spit messes that up, it adds a whole new layer to the dynamic.

That said, aside from being about domination and submission, spit play is also about trust. This is why it’s essential to talk about trying out spit play with your partner before actually doing it in the bedroom.

Spit play is a great way to get intimate with your partner. One of the most common misconceptions about different types of BDSM play is that it isn’t intimate. But when you and your partner take on submissive and dominant roles, you put more trust in them than ever.

On top of that, the act of spitting on each other isn’t something you do with everyone. So, you can create a special bond with your partner during spit play which you’ll have difficulty getting with other types of play.

How to discuss spit play with your partner

Always keep an open mind when discussing new sex acts with your partner. It’s important to make sure you or your partner never feels like your kink or interests are weird or taboo. So, if your partner approaches you about being interested in spit play, make sure to hear them out.

Discuss boundaries

On the flip side, if your partner isn’t comfortable trying out spit play in the bedroom, you must respect their boundaries. But if they are interested, you can start having a proper conversation on how to do it, when you’ll do it, and other details.

To start, it’s best to talk about your boundaries. During this conversation, make sure to air out everything you are okay with and the things you aren’t that okay with. And when you try out spit play yourself, respect those boundaries unless you’re explicitly told otherwise.

Establish safewords

Another you might want to talk about is safe words. During BDSM play and spit play, it’s easy to get carried away, especially if you and your partner discuss that saying “no” or “stop” is part of the character. If you establish a safeword, you can reduce confusion, and you’ll know to stop the second your partner says it.

It’s best to use safe words that aren’t related to the play. That way, the word stands out, and you instantly understand that your partner wants you to stop and vice versa.

Plan ahead

Lastly, make sure that your discussion with your partner includes planning out the scenario, especially if it’s your first time. If you have a hard time getting into sub and dominant roles right away, you can try roleplaying as different people, as that will make it easier to adopt a new character.

And again, remember to keep the conversation as open as possible. For spit play to be fun, everyone needs to be on the same page. So, discuss all the details and intricacies of how you and your partner will explore spit play in the most enjoyable way possible.

Is spit play safe?

The thing about spit play is that there are some risks involved. For example, you don’t want to spit in places that may cause pain. For example, getting spit in your eye hurts, so when spitting on your partner, make sure to avoid those areas.

Also, practice proper oral hygiene when trying out spit play. Remember, there are a lot of bacteria in your mouth. It might help to clean your mouth before and after spit play to keep things as safe as possible.

Since spit can contain viruses, you risk passing on STIs and other diseases to your partner. You must make sure that you both understand and accept these risks before practising spit play yourself.

And, of course, boundaries are very important when practising spit play. You want to ensure that you and your partner feel safe and comfortable throughout the whole scenario.


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To spit or not to spit

Spit kink is really hot. Having your partner spit on you or spitting on your partner during sex can be a unique and very arousing experience. That said, if you’re looking to try spit play with your partner, you need to do it safely.

Aside from understanding and accepting the risks, oral hygiene is very important. On top of that, you also want to practice proper aftercare when you’re done to get back into reality before ending the session.

And if you keep all of that in mind and have a proper discussion with your partner, spit play could be a spicy and hot way to change things up in the bedroom.

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