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Forced orgasms may not be as bad as they sound

At first glance, forced orgasms do not sound fun at all. After all, even if orgasms can be the best feeling, no one wants to be “forced” to do anything. But that isn’t what a forced orgasm is about.

People who try out forced orgasm play aren’t subjected to anything they don’t consent to. In fact, forced orgasms are a consensual sex act that you can try out in the bedroom to add some spice to your sex life.

Forced orgasms are usually part of an elaborate roleplay fantasy with many layers and involve a significant discussion between you and your partner. And if you’re looking to learn what forced orgasms are, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we’re diving into what a forced orgasm is, what happens during forced orgasm play, how to try it yourself, and tips for aftercare to keep everyone feeling as safe and comfortable as possible.

Read on to learn more.

What is a forced orgasm?

While the name might suggest otherwise, forced orgasms don’t involve “forcing” someone to cum or doing anything without consent. Instead, forced orgasms are part of a roleplaying scenario where the person receiving the orgasm “doesn’t want” to orgasm, but their partner makes them anyway. And in some cases, they orgasm over and over again.

You see how there were quotation marks around “doesn’t want”? This is because people who participate in this type of play want to orgasm but are just playing a role wherein it seems like they don’t want to do it.

During forced orgasm play, the goal is to give you and your partner pleasure. Just because the word “forced” is in the name doesn’t mean you’re doing anything you don’t want. Forced orgasms are a consensual act between both parties that can be very fun.

Forced orgasms go hand-in-hand with submissive and dominant roles. During this type of play, the submissive plays the role of a person who doesn’t want to orgasm. The dominant party plays the role of a person who stimulates the submissive party to orgasm despite them “not wanting” one.

There are many ways to experiment with this sex act with your partner. You can have an elaborate roleplay setup that involves tying a person up, or it can just be part of edging play with your partner.

Are forced orgasms only a part of BDSM play?

Forced orgasm play is usually a part of BDSM. When doing forced orgasm play, the sub plays the role of someone who doesn’t want to orgasm, can’t orgasm, or isn’t allowed to orgasm. The dom then stimulates their partner to orgasm while they’re playing the role, which can be very hot.

That said, forced orgasms don’t have to be a part of BDSM play, especially if that isn’t your thing. Remember, consent and trust between you and your partner are key to having fun during forced orgasm play. So, if you’re looking to try out forced orgasm play, it doesn’t have to go with BDSM.

However, that doesn’t mean forced orgasms and BDSM play aren’t a great match.

There are many approaches to forced orgasm play that you and your partner can try out. While adding it to BDSM play is arguably the most popular option for most couples, it isn’t the only way for you to do it.

Another way you can try out forced orgasms is by “not allowing” your partner to orgasm. In these situations, your partner can only orgasm when you allow them to or say yes. Then, you can edge them as far as possible without allowing them to orgasm.

Having to “hold in” and stop your orgasm like that can be a lot of fun. And if the partner keeps going even while you aren’t allowed to orgasm, the resulting sensation can be explosive and something worth remembering.


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What happens during forced orgasm play?

A great example of forced orgasm play is using bondage and edging along with it. In these scenarios, the dominant party can tie up the submissive party (either to the bed, restrain their limbs, or something along those lines). Then, the dom can tell the sub that they have to ask before they orgasm and are only allowed to do so with permission.

From there, the dom can start pleasuring the sub. This could be through oral sex, with their hands, or penetrative sex. When the sub feels an orgasm coming, they can ask the dom whether they can orgasm. If the dom says no, then all the sub can do is wait until they are granted permission.

When this happens, the sub has to repress their orgasm and make sure they don’t cum until the dom allows it. This can bring intense pleasure, especially if the sub enjoys edging. The dom can then continue pleasuring the sub until they can no longer hold in their orgasm, even if it isn’t allowed during play. The resulting orgasm can be very intense and uncontrollable.

Another example is where the sub acts as if they don’t want to orgasm. Then, when the dom starts pleasuring the sub, they can tell them to “stop”, but the dom can keep going until they “force” the orgasm.

Remember that all the parties must consent to forced orgasm play. So, in these situations saying “no” and “stop” doesn’t mean the same thing. If the person on the receiving end wants the giver to stop, they can use the safeword, which will make the other party stop no matter what they are doing.

Again, there are many ways for couples to try out forced orgasms, and every scenario looks different.

How you can try forced orgasm play with your partner

If you and your partner want to try forced orgasm play, the first step is having a proper conversation about it. Forced orgasm play isn’t about literally forcing your partner to have an orgasm. Instead, it’s two consenting adults trying out a type of roleplay wherein one party can’t or isn’t allowed to have an orgasm.

During the conversation with your partner, it’s important to iron out all the details. This means establishing your roles, boundaries, safewords, and how you plan on trying out forced orgasm play. And once you have all of those established, you’re ready to head to the bedroom.

From there, there are many ways to try out this sex act. As mentioned earlier, bondage is a common way for people to try out forced orgasms. However, you don’t have to use bondage if that isn’t something you’re comfortable with.

Another way to up the ante with forced orgasm play is by incorporating vibrators. Most people know how intense an orgasm from a vibrator can be, so can you imagine how intense it would be if you tried using vibrators during forced orgasm play?

The thing is, everyone does forced orgasms differently. The best way to try forced orgasms in a way that you and your partner are comfortable with is to have a conversation beforehand. You can plan out scenarios ahead of time, establish safewords, and lay out the boundaries of what you are and aren’t comfortable with.


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Do you need to focus on aftercare?

One thing to keep in mind when practising forced orgasm play is to put more emphasis on aftercare. During any BDSM play, aftercare is essential. And since forced orgasm play can be a very intense experience, aftercare should also be a priority here.

After forced orgasm play, make sure you and your partner take time to “land”. Aftercare is also called going back to reality and is very important during forced orgasm play.

When you and your partner are done, it’s always best to spend some time with each other before going about your day. This could be through cuddling, a sensual massage, or talking to each other afterwards. You can discuss what felt good and what wasn’t so good and talk about how you can make the experience even more pleasurable next time!

No “real” force involved

Don’t let the name fool you; forced orgasms can be really fun. This type of play involves you and your partner taking on different roles while pleasuring each other. And if you want to try it out with your partner, make sure that you have a proper conversation beforehand where you can establish the rules, boundaries, and safe words.

From there, you can head to the bedroom and try out the joys of forced orgasm play for yourself.

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